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speakers at the NLLC 2014

NATO Lessons Learned Conference

Every year JALLC organizes the NATO Lessons Learned Conference. This has become an important event which brings together all NATO and National entities, developing a stronger NATO Lessons Learned Community.

Lessons Learned conference 2014 atendees

The NATO Lessons Learned Conference provides the opportunity for exchange of information within the NATO Lessons Learned community. In doing so, it stimulates discussions on best and suitable practices for improving the Joint Analysis and Lessons Learned process, enabling the continuous improvement of the Alliance.

Lessons Learned Conference 2014

"Learning from Experiences, Strengthening the Alliance"

In today's rapidly evolving international security environment, NATO is faced with emerging challenges. Against this backdrop and taking all that NATO has done and is doing to meet those emerging challenges, this year's conference theme was Learning from Experiences, Strengthening the Alliance.

Lessons Learned conference 2014

The event, held in Lisbon from 20 to 23 October, was attended by an increasing number of 249 participants from 26 NATO nations, 9 PfP Nations (Austria, Azerbaijan, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Finland, Georgia, Moldova, Serbia, Sweden, and the Ukraine) and 4 other nations (Jordan, New Zealand, Mongolia, and Australia). From within NATO there were attendees from the NATO Command Structure and NATO Force Structure HQs, Centres of Excellence, both the NATO HQs, and the NATO Standardization Office. The EU Military Staff and the International Committee of the Red Cross were also present, completing the broad and diverse scope of attending participants this year.

The Conference report will be available on the NATO Lessons Learned Portal from 21 November.

Please note that Portal membership is required to access all that information.

Lessons Learned conference group picture

Lessons Learned Conference 2013

"Consolidating Lessons, Sharing and Learning"

Much progress has been made in recent years by the Alliance towards setting a Lessons Learned Capability in place. The 2013 NATO Lessons Learned Conference, celebrating its 10th anniversary, focused on consolidating, sharing and learning lessons with the emphasis on lessons to help us through the transition phase that NATO and nations face. go to NATO Lessons Learned Portal

The event, held in Lisbon from 21 to 24 October, was attended by 207 participants from NATO bodies (129), NATO National bodies (59), Partner Nations from EAPC (10), Partner Nations from MD (1), Partners Across the Globe (4) and IOs/NGOs (4).

Lessons Learned Conference 2013 report coverThe Conference report is available here and on the NATO Lessons Learned Portal, where you can also find all the Conference presentations and some more useful information about this event and previous Conferences.

Please note that Portal membership is required to access all that information.

Lessons Learned conference group picture

For more information on previous NATO Lessons Learned Conferences please contact us