If you have recently visited the JALLC website, then you may have spotted a few changes. On 15 December 2020 the JALLC relaunched its website The website features a new layout, bringing it in line with the rest of ACT and NATO with a modern look and feel structure and experience.  The design of the new website is intended to be more user friendly and help visitors find the information they are looking for more easily.

The website was developed during the COVID-19 pandemic, which presented its own set of challenges. However, through great coordination between teams from the JALLC, HQ Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, and the web developers contracted to help us in the process, we got the job done. Using web-based project management applications and all other virtual means available, the JALLC coordinated across the Atlantic Ocean and across time zones, demonstrating that the JALLC really is part of the One NATO family and can deliver the high-quality products the world expects from us under even the most challenging conditions.

The JALLC’s Commander said, “I’m proud to JALLC home new website.jpglaunch this new website which brings us even closer to our NATO and ACT family. I hope that everyone will benefit from the improved web-experience and that the JALLC becomes more visible and accessible than ever before.

The JALLC’s Webmaster commented, “It was an ambitious project with an ambitious timeline, but I knew I could rely on the team at HQ SACT and here at JALLC to just make it happen. The new website is key to the JALLC’s future communications and I foresee that it will contribute significantly to the JALLC’s future in NATO.