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JALLC Support to Exercises

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JALLC support to exercises is multi-faceted and underpins all aspects of the JALLC Mission. JALLC military and civilian analysts participate in all stages of the NATO Exercise Process, from Concept Specification and Development, through Planning and Product Development, Operational Conduct to Analysis and Reporting. Exercises, especially Phases IIA/IIB (Crisis Response Planning) and Phase IIIB (Execution), represent excellent venues at which to collect observations and to complete surveys, questionnaires and interviews to gain the maximum amount of data possible in order to conduct analysis of a particular topic or subject area.

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Examples of JALLC participation in recent exercises include the deployment of analysis project teams to Exercise TRIDENT JAGUAR 14 (TRJR14) as part of three distinct JALLC studies:

  • the first, to analyze HQ NATO Rapid Deployable Corps-Spain (NRDC-ESP) processes, capabilities and structures used in their role as a Joint Task Force (JTF) HQ during TRJR14 in order to support the development of best practices that would help further the development of NATO Force Structure (NFS) JTF HQ capabilities as well as support efforts to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of JTF HQ training
    Read more about the JTF HQ study during TRJR14;
  • the second, to develop and test a single centralized exercises and training related information sharing platform within NATO (see details below about the NATO EXTRA Portal); and
  • the third, to analyze the NATO Exercise Reporting Process to investigate the procedures described in the Bi-SC 075-003 for sharing knowledge and lessons within the Exercises, Training, Reporting and Analysis Community in order to improve the information sharing within this Community. Learn more about the NATO Exercise Reporting Process here.

Most recently, JALLC deployed an analysis project team to Phase IIB and both Phase IIIBs of Exercise TRIDENT JAGUAR 15 (TRJR15) to continue analysis of the establishment of JTF HQs from a NFS HQ structure. The TRJR15 report will be published in Nov 15

JALLC staff also provide mentoring support, training and advice on the NATO LL Process during all stages of the NATO Exercise Process to NATO LL staff employed on exercises. This frequently requires JALLC staff to participate in Exercise Planning Groups and Exercise Planning Conferences as well as contribute to delivery of training at targeted exercise training events for Primary and Secondary Training Audiences such as Academics, Key Leader Training (KLT) and Battle Staff Training (BST).

Recent examples include:

  • JALLC support to Ex TRIDENT JOUST 14 to provide training, advice and on-site mentorship to JFC Brunssum's Assessment, Analysis and Reporting (A2R) Team;
  • Support to Ex CAPABLE LOGISTICIAN 15 by providing training, advice and mentorship to staff in the Exercise Analysis and Reporting Cell (EAR-C);
  • Support to Exercise TRIDENT JAGUAR 17 Phase IB (Academics Seminar) and Phase IC (KLT) by delivering training on "The JTF HQ Concept-Advice from Observation and Analysis."

Moreover, the JALLC Advisory & Training Team (JATT) delivers training on the NATO Exercise LL Process through several LL training courses and outreach activities. Learn more about the JATT and its activities here.



Development and sharing of information, best practices and lessons from exercises is facilitated by the NATO Exercise, Training, Reporting and Analysis (EXTRA) Community of Interest (CoI) Portal. The JALLC developed, tested and launched the NATO EXTRA Portal in 2014 to enable immediate, simple, and open sharing of information across the entire NATO EXTRA CoI. NATO staff engaged in exercises, training, reporting and analysis can access the NATO EXTRA Portal via the NATO Lessons Learned Portal (only available on the NATO Classified Network). The JALLC currently manages and maintains the NATO EXTRA Portal on behalf of HQ Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (SACT) Joint Force Trainer. The NATO EXTRA Portal User Manual is available on the Portal.

For more information about the NATO EXTRA Portal download here the NATO EXTRA Portal factsheet.

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