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Lessons Learned Officer of Primary Responsibility Online Course

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The Lessons Learned Officer of Primary Responsibility (LLOPR) Course is an online course, tailored to NATO LLOPR's needs. It was developed by the JALLC, supported by and in close coordination with Allied Command Transformation’s Joint Force Trainer and with the contribution of Lessons Learned specialists from other NATO HQs and from Partnership for Peace elements as appropriate.

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Course Purpose

The aim of the course is to provide LLOPRs with the knowledge necessary to fulfill their LL responsibilities.

Target Audience

All NATO LLOPRs are encouraged to take this course in order to better support the improvement of their organizations.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the purpose and key terminology for LLs used by NATO;
  • Become familiar with the NATO LL capability and the critical success factors that influence its effectiveness;
  • Understand the LLOPR's role in gathering and drafting observations using the NATO ODCR format;
  • Become familiar with the LLOPR responsibilities during analysis and remedial action phases, using suitable analysis methods, techniques and tools.

Frequency and Application

The course is available on the Joint Advanced Distribution Learning (JADL) platform (https://jadl.act.nato.int) at Courses - NATO Courses - NATO Training & Education Facilities (NETFs) - Joint Analysis & Lessons Learned Centre (JALLC) - Online Courses - ETE-IT-22081 Lessons Learned OPR Course (ADL 138).

In order to take the course, JADL account is required. At the end of the course, a Certificate of Completion is provided.

For more details on how to access the online course, please contact the NLLP Managers.

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