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North Atlantic Treaty OrganizationNATO

Joint Analysis & Lessons Learned CentreJALLC

NATO 's Lead Agent for Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned Management Course (LLMC)

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The aim of this course is to prepare students for their duties in the planning, administration and execution of Lessons Learned (LL) Staff Officer functions and services within NATO. Students are exposed to the reference LL documentations, the NATO Lessons Learned Portal (NLLP), the NATO LL Training Concept, Lesson Collection and Action Plan, LL SOP and Report, Self-Assessment, Key Leader LL Training and LL in exercises and operations

Target Audience

The target audience is Officers, NCOs and civilians that are involved in Lessons Learned (LL) and / or analysis or working in the research fields.

Learning Objectives

  • References of Lessons Learned Documentation: Referencing NATO LL policies, students will be able to determine the compliance of their organisations with NATO's LL principles.
    Developing a LL SOP: Using various examples of NCS/NFS LL Standard Operating Procedures, students will be able to develop an overview of key subjects to be addressed within a LL SOP and demonstrate its implementation through examples in the syndicate exercises.
    Maintain a LL process: Using knowledge of how to assess and provide measures of a HQ/Unit LL Process, students will be able to establish reports for tracking, documenting and sharing LL information in order to sustain and maintain an efficient LL Process.
    Lesson Collection- and Action Plan (LCP, AP): Using principles and examples of a LCP/ AP, the student will be able to implement and execute such planning documents.
    NLLP and Support Processes: The student will be able to distinguish the component parts and features of the NATO Lessons Learned Portal (NLLP)) tools and specify how NATO uses these tools to support the LL process.
    LL in Exercises and Operations: Given references, the student will be able to know the challenges and key factors required to plan and maintain successful LL processes within the operational environment.

    LL Training Program: The student will be able to develop a Lesson Plan for a Key Leader - and LL POC training.

Dates and Application

  • XX-163 LL MC: 21-25 October 2019 - Open for application (27 seats)

To apply for the next LL MC, please download the Joining Report, fill it in and submit before closing date via your HQ Training Officer point of contact.

Course Prerequisites

All applicants must have taken the LL online course and obtained the certificate of completion.

Language Proficiency: English, STANAG 6001 SLP – 3333; English, STANAG 6001 SLP – 2222 is exceptionally acceptable.

Security Clearance required (NS)

jallc@jallc.nato.int +351 21 771 7007/8/9