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NATO Lessons Learned Conference

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Since 2003, the JALLC has hosted the annual NATO Lessons Learned Conference (NLLC), which has become an important event in NATO's Lessons Learned calendar, bringing together participants from NATO and National entities, developing a stronger NATO Lessons Learned Community.

speakers at the NLLC 2016

This event provides participantes with the opportunity for the exchange of information within the NATO Lessons Learned community and stimulates discussions on best and suitable practices for improving the Joint Analysis and the Lessons Learned process, enabling the continuous transformation of the Alliance.

The NATO Lessons Learned Conference provides the opportunity for exchange of information within the NATO Lessons Learned community. In doing so, it stimulates discussions on best and suitable practices for improving the Joint Analysis and Lessons Learned process, enabling the continuous improvement of the Alliance.

NATO Lessons Learned Conference 2018

NATO Lessons Learned Coference 2018 group picture

The NATO Lessons Learned Conference 2018 was hosted by the JALLC on 20-22 March in Oeiras, Portugal.

This year’s conference was attended by more than one hundred participants and covered two themes: “Interoperability and Information Exchange of Lessons within NATO and with Partners, including International Organizations, Governmental organizations and Nongovernmental Organizations” and the “NATO Lessons Learned Optimization Action Plan assessment and adaption.”

Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, General Denis Mercier opened the Conference by video, emphasizing that enhanced interoperability will make sharing lessons easier, and that machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other emerging disruptive technologies will assist the analysis of data in the future.

General Mercier was followed by the JALLC's Commander, Brigadier General Mario Barreto, who noted that, "… the NATO Lessons community must also ensure true interoperability in the lessons learned context, to provide the right processes, tools, structures and training that enable and encourage—and not hinder—the exchange and sharing of information, knowledge, experience, lessons, and best practices."

This year saw a big change to the Conference format with participants working in syndicate working groups on Conference theme related topics rather than just listening to lectures and presentations.

The syndicate topics covered the procedural, technical, and human dimensions of the Interoperability domain and also looked at the related Information Exchange of Lessons within NATO and with Partners, including IOs, GOs, and NGOs. The assessment and adaptation of the NATO Lessons Learned Optimization Action Plan was also addressed.

The final Conference Statement was presented by the JALLC's Commander. The Commander first stressed the importance of the work done in the syndicates and the effort made by the syndicate chairs, facilitators, and experts as well as the significant level of participation from the conference participants. The Commander then confirmed that the new format of the Conference had been met with many positive remarks and perceived as a fruitful and dynamic way to bring worthwhile suggestions for transformation of NATO.

The next Lessons Learned event on the JALLCs calendar is planned for October and will look at how disruptive technologies can assist in lessons learning. Details on this event will be made available on the JALLC's website and on the NATO Lessons Learned Portal.

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Previous NATO Lessons Learned Conference Reports

Find out more about previous NATO Lessons Learned Conferences on the Conference Reports below.
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Conference 2018

Lessons Learned Conference 2018 cover

The NATO Lessons Learned Conference, which was first convened in 2003 has since evolved into an important, regular event for NATO Lessons community. This year saw yet another evolution of this event as the format of the Conference changed from a seminar/briefing based one, to the new format which saw Participants working actively in syndicates with JALLC staff and Subject Matter Experts (SME) to analyse Conference theme related topics in more depth and make recommendations for a way ahead for NATO ...

read more on the NATO Lessons Learned Conference 2018 factsheet

Conference 2016

Lessons Learned Conference 2016 report cover

"The future of lessons learned
Improvement and Innovation"

From the Commander:
This year’s NATO Lessons Learned Conference was my first as Commander of the Joint Analysis and Lessons Learned Centre (JALLC), and I believe that we truly looked to the future of the Alliance through the lens of Lessons Learned. I’d like to give you my key take aways from this year’s Conference; my interpretation of the briefings, the discussions, the interactions, and the exchange of ideas and experiences that all took place over the two days we were gathered together in the beautiful city of Lisbon, Portugal. Each of the six panels contributed to the overall picture of the conference:

Download the Conference Factsheet 2016

Download the Conference Report 2016

Conference 2015

Lessons Learned Conference 2015 report cover

"closing the loop"

The NATO Lessons Learned Conference (NLLC) 2015 was held from 10 to 12 November this year in Lisbon. The aim of this year’s Conference was to assess how NATO's Lessons Learned Capability supports the Alliance's ability to prepare for, and conduct, current and future military operations. During the conference, participants explored new approaches to embed lessons from non-NATO entities (NNE) and investigated parallels with the way other organizations manage their Lessons Learned process. The conference was opened by Deputy Supreme Allied Commander, General Mirco Zuliani, and included nine panels, covering six topics, as well as updates and opportunities for participants to ask questions

Download the Conference Report 2015

Conference 2014

Lessons Learned Conference 2014 report cover

"Learning from Experience, Strengthening the Alliance"

At this year's Conference we looked at how we can structure NATO's learning process to ensure it is a continuous one. This concept of continuous learning is echoed in GEN Paloméros, Supreme Allied Commander Transformation's description of his vision of Transformation which he gave us during his open-ing speech: "a golden thread which binds NATO's past, present, and future".

Download the Conference Report 2014

Conference 2013

NATO Leessons Learned Conference 2013 report

"Consolidating Lessons, Sharing and Learning"

This year we refocused the Conference on the fundamentals of our successful organizational learning processes, in order to showcase how NATO learns from experience, and consoli-dates and shares lessons among its Command and Force Struc-tures as well as with member and partner countries.

Download the Conference Report 2013

Conference 2012

NATO Leessons Learned Conference 2012 report

"Learning from the Past – Preparing for the Future"

The Joint Analysis and Lessons Learned Centre hosted the NATO Lessons Learned Conference in Lisbon, Portugal from 23 to 25 October 2012. The conference theme was: "Learning from the Past – Preparing for the Future." The theme allowed participants to look beyond development of the NATO LL Capability and the capture and implementation of specific lessons from NATO's (then) recent activities, towards the broader perspective of NATO's activities of the past decade to consider how experience and lessons can be applied to NATO's future activities

Download the Conference Report 2012

Conference 2011

NATO Leessons Learned Conference 2011 report

"Extracting Lessons from Operations"

The format for this year's conference differed greatly from previous years, where the focus was on the NATO Lessons Learned (LL) Capability and Process and was aimed at LL Practitioners, examining how NATO can implement lessons learning in our organizations. This year the focus was instead on lessons from operations and was aimed at the operators—at those who are best placed to identify lessons and who in turn must learn lessons if the organization as a whole is to improve.

Download the Conference Report 2011

Conference 2010

NATO Leessons Learned Conference 2010 report

The aim of this year's conference was to provide NATO's forum for exchange of information within the NATO LL community, and in doing so, to stimulate discussion on best practices for Joint Analysis, the LL Process, Remedial Action processes, and supporting tools, in order to enable the continuous improvement of the Alliance. Specifically, the conference sought to tackle the two questions that appear to be the major stumbling blocks in NATO's LL Process: how to turn Lessons Identified into Lessons Learned and what constitutes a LL Capability.

Download the Conference Report 2010
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