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Local NLLP Manager Course (LNMC)

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The aim of this course is to increase the NATO Lessons Learned Portal (NLLP) knowledge and technical skills needed for managing the NLLP as a Local NLLP Manager (LNM).

The course will immerse students in a learning environment designed to develop their proficiency in the NLLP Administration. It is an intensive course that requires the full attention of student.

In order to provide the participants with the best educational setting, the course will take place in the NATO Communications and Information (NCI) Academy facilities in Oeiras. Participants, with the support of the instructors, will receive hands-on training to support the lectures using the NU NLLP. Competence -based training concept shall be applied when possible.

Target Audience

Target audience is personnel posted to NATO Lessons Learned (LL) posts within NCS, NFS, COE’s and other IO, and members of NATO and partner nations.

Learning Objectives

  • Use all the NLLP functionalities confidently; 

  • Understand the different users and roles in the use of the NLLP

  • Explain how the NLLP should be used from when an Obs is submitted until it becomes a Lesson Learned/Best Practice (LL/BP); 
  • Manage files in the different NLLP libraries;
  • Undertake research using the NLLP tools;

Dates and Application

To apply to the next Local NLLP Manager Course, please login to the NATO Lessons Learned Portal, and in "My Account" select "User Events" where the Application form is available. Please submit before closing date for application.

  • LNMC20-1: 16-18 June 2020 - Closing date for application 20 March 2020
  • LNMC20-2: 23-27 September 2020 - Closing date for application 14 September 2020

Accommodation and Transportation: Individual Responsibility
Tuition fee: The course is free

Course Prerequisites

All applicants must have taken the LL online course and obtained the certificate of completion. “NATO LL Staff Officer Course” and “LL Management Course” are desirable prerequisites, and will be used for prioritization purposes.

Language Proficiency: English, STANAG 6001 SLP – 2222 English.
Security Clearance required (NS)

jallc@jallc.nato.int +351 21 771 7007/8/9