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North Atlantic Treaty OrganizationNATO

Joint Analysis & Lessons Learned CentreJALLC

NATO 's Lead Agent for Lessons Learned

JALLC Advisory and Training Team

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In 2010, the JALLC established the JALLC Advisory and Training Team (JATT) in order to develop and enhance Lessons Learned Capability across NATO. The JATT aims to provide support to Allied Command Transformation outreach activities and to assist NATO HQs and bodies, NATO Nations and Partner Nations and other organizations by offering advice and training on analysis and the NATO Lessons Learned Capability

Engagement and information sharing

What can the JATT Offer?

The JATT offers training on joint analysis and the Lessons Learned process. This training includes the use of various lessons-gathering processes, staffing and sharing tools, basic analysis techniques, and lessons learned procedures. The JATT has developed a three-stage approach to outreach: an initial assessment followed by a phase of focused engagement, including training events and close support, culminating in a less engaged monitoring and mentoring phase. The aim of the JATT's efforts is to develop a strong information-sharing relationship with those it reaches out to.

The JATT can conduct training at national or NATO HQ locations, or on location at the JALLC. Requests for JATT support can be sent to jattpoc@jallc.nato.int.

You can also obtain/download a copy of the relevant JALLC brochure which contains more information and details here.

jallc@jallc.nato.int +351 21 771 7007/8/9