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JALLC Advisory and Training Team (JATT)

The JATT was established in 2010 to develop and enhance lessons learned capability across NATO and with the Nations. The JATT aims to assist NATO headquarters and Nations to develop their lesson learning and information sharing capability for the mutual benefit of the Alliance.

What can the JATT Offer?

Engagement Methodology

The JATT offers advice on analysis and the Lessons Learned process. This training includes the use of various lesson gathering, staffing and sharing tools, basic analysis, and lessons learned procedure. This training can be carried out at national or HQ locations, or at the JALLC. Requests for JATT support can be sent to The JATT also runs the JALLC Analyst Training Course, as well as assisting with the NATO Lessons Learned Staff Officers Course.

The JATT has developed a three-stage approach to outreach, comprising an initial assessment and a following phase of focused engagement including training events and close support, culminating in a less engaged monitoring and mentoring phase. We hope this will develop a strong information-sharing relationship.

Lessons Learned Capability

The purpose of a Lessons Learned capability is to learn efficiently from experience and to provide validated justifications for amending the existing way of doing things, in order to improve performance.
jatt team in action A Lessons Learned capability comprises several key elements including: defined procedures, within which stakeholders can clearly identify their role and responsibility; tools to support the storing, searching and sharing of knowledge, for capturing observations, and for staffing lessons through the Lessons Learned process; and resources: trained and experienced staff officers, supported by active Communities of Interest. A positive Lessons Learned mindset across an organization is important, to understand and to participate in active improvement and, equally importantly, to share our lessons.

The Lessons Learned Process

Observations are made, and analysis is carried out to orientate to the root cause of the problem and to discover the appropriate Remedial Action (RA) and Action Body (AB) to solve the problem. This develops a Lesson Identified (LI). Commanders then decide the appropriate course of action by endorsing a Remedial Action and tasking the AB, and the AB acts to implement the RA, closing the Lesson Learned.