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News 2019

NATO Deputy Secretary General, Ms. Rose Gottemoeller visits the JALLC

NATO Deputy Secretary General visits the JALLC

On 01 March 2019, Ms. Rose Gottemoeller, NATO Deputy Secretary General, paid a visit to the JALLC in order to gain a better understanding of the role the JALLC plays within NATO, the NATO Lessons Learned Process, and the JALLC's contribution to the Alliance’s objectives.

The visit included a briefing, during which the JALLC explained Who We Are, What We Do and Why We Do It, and how the JALLC contributes to the transformation of the Alliance.

Ms. Rose Gottemoeller departed highlighting the important work the JALLC does and wishing the JALLC the best of luck in our role as NATO’s lead agent for Lessons Learned.

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The JALLC outreaches to Romania and Portugal

The JALLC outreaches to Romania and Portugal group picture

One of the Joint Analysis and Lessons Learned Centre (JALLC) activities is Outreach. Outreach activities aim to raise awareness of the NATO Lessons Learned Capability and how it contributes to the Alliance transformation across NATO and among Allies, Partners, and other organizations.
In this context, the JALLC supported the Romanian Lessons Learned Staff Officer Course, organized by the Training and Doctrine Directorate of the Romanian Defence Staff.

The Romanian Lessons Learned Staff Officer Course is designed to train Lessons Learned specialists to support continued and improved implementation of the Lessons Learned Capability. The course took place in Bucharest, between 18 February and 01 March and was attended by 13 students from various Romanian Military HQs.  The JALLC representative briefed the audience on aspects related to innovation in Lessons Learned as well as on how new technologies could be used in support of Lessons Learned and supported the relevant syndicate discussions.

In another outreach engagement this month, the JALLC engaged with FIEP (an International Association of National Gendarmeries and Police Forces with Military Status). The JALLC was invited to address the FIEP International Affairs Commission, which got together to discuss the topic “Preparing for future international missions: organizing time for reflection”, on 12 March 2019 in Lisbon, Portugal. At the address, the JALLC presented NATO's perspective on Lessons Learned, while exchanging thoughts and experiences with the participants. The presentation was welcomed with great interest and raised a lively discussion on the creation of a similar Lessons Learned capability within the FIEP.

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JALLC conducts a Lessons Learned Training Course at JFTC


As part of NATO’s Lessons Learned Engagement Plan for 2019, the JALLC Advisory and Training Team (JATT) conducted a three day Lessons Learned (LL) training course from 19 to 21 February at the Joint Force Training Centre, Bydgosz, Poland (JFTC).

The JFTC has a distinct and unique role within NATO, focusing on joint and combined training at the tactical level. Additionally, it co-operates with Allied Command Transformation, its sister organizations, national training centres, and NATO Centres of Excellence to ensure application of NATO standards and doctrine and to achieve joint tactical interoperability from Brigade to Corps level. The Centre’s motto, “Transformation Through Training,” reflects its mission.

The training course was attended by 11 JFTC members, from various services and with different subject matter expertise. The course’s main objective was to provide the Training Audience an overview of the NATO LL Capability, the analysis techniques, real life examples, practical work, success stories and challenges of a LL management system. During the visit, the JATT also supported JFTC with the assessment of the JFTC’s implementation of the NATO LL Capability.

The event was a valuable opportunity to strengthen and enlarge the LL community and network within the JFTC. It provided a common understanding on how NATO is a continuously learning organization and highlighted the benefits of lessons sharing.

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On 13 February 2019, the JALLC received the visit of Rear Admiral Guy Robinson OBE, Deputy Commander of Naval Striking and Support Forces NATO (STRIKFORNATO), and staff. The aim of the visit was for the STRIKFORNATO staff to gain situation awareness of the JALLC’s role as NATO’s Lead Agent for Lessons Learned, to present STRIKFORNATO to the JALLC and to explore the possibility of cooperation between the two.

Rear Admiral Guy Robinson, Brigadier General Jason Bohm and Brigadier General Andres Gacio had an office call with the JALLC Commander, debating NATO’s upcoming 70th Anniversary and the future relation of the two headquarters.

After the office call, the two staffs attended briefings on the JALLC and STRIKFORNATO. There, the ground for the future was laid out for the two NATO entities to cooperate and continuously transform and modernize processes, forces, and capabilities.

Rear Admiral Guy Robinson departed highlighting his hope that the visit “… is the start to a very fruitful relationship with our fellow headquarters in Lisbon.”

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New Technologies Event 2018 Magazine

New Technologies Event 2018 Magazine cover

The JALLC has published a magazine covering the New Technologies Event 2018 which took place in October 2018.
The Magazine features articles on the various presentations which include Chief of Staff, Allied Command Transformation, Vice Admiral Bennet’s keynote speech and the JALLC Commander’s presentation on the NATO Lessons Learned Capability. The magazine also includes summaries of the presentations by the Industry and Academia Partners that were represented during the event and panel discussions that took place on the last day. You can also find an overview of the Booth Sessions and lots of information on the event itself, including how the JALLC introduced a conference web app for the first time.

You can download a copy of the magazine here and on the NATO Lessons Learned Portal.

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