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News 2017

The JALLC hosts the NATO Lessons Learned Conference 2018

NATO Lessons Learned Conference 2018

The Bi-SC NATO Lessons Learned Conference 2018 (NLLC 18), hosted by the Joint Analysis and Lessons Learned Centre (JALLC), will be held on 20 – 22 March 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal.
The aim of the 2018 conference is to discuss and recommend ways and means to improve the interoperability of Lessons within the Alliance and to assess the impact that the NATO Lessons Learned Optimization Action Plan has had on the NATO Lesson Learned capability. Accordingly, this year’s conference will cover two themes:

  • Interoperability and Information Exchange of Lessons within NATO and with Partners, including IOs, GOs, and NGOs; and
  • NATO Lessons Learned Optimization Action Plan assessment and adaption.

The conference will be a practical event. After initial input from key speakers, the themes will be addressed through work in syndicates. Each syndicate will be led by one of the key speakers, supported by JALLC Subject Matter Experts, and will aim to deliver concrete recommendations. These will be combined into a final statement, to be presented and debated during a plenary session on the last day. The statement will form the basis for further research to be conducted by the JALLC, resulting in a final report with conclusions and recommendations.

Additional details can be found in the Calling Letter, issued by the JALLC on 6 December 2017, and in the NATO Lessons Learned Portal as planning progresses.

Registration for NLLC 18 will be available on the NATO Lessons Learned Portal from 15 January to 16 February 2018.

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Major General Grzegorz Sodolski visits the JALLC

The Major General Grzegorz Sodolski group picture

On 6 December 2017, the JALLC received the visit of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Resources and Management of the Supreme Allied Command Transformation—Major General Grzegorz Sodolski (Polish Army). The aim of the visit was for the General to gain situation awareness of the JALLC's adaptation to its new role as NATO's Leading Agent for Lessons Learned.

Major General Sodolski had an office call meeting with the Commander and the Chief of Staff, debating the resources needed for the JALLC to fulfil its six main tasks: the management of the NATO Lessons Learned Portal; analysis projects; Lessons Learned outreach; Lessons Learned training; support to exercises; and the NATO Lessons Learned Conference.

After the office call, Major General Sodolski addressed the JALLC staff members, expressing his appreciation for the Centre’s good work and his vision for the “bright future of the JALLC”.

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JALLC collaborates with NATO Centre of Excellency for Civil/-Military Cooperation

The Deputy Director of the Civil−Military Cooperation Centre of Excellenc group picture

The Deputy Director of the Civil−Military Cooperation Centre of Excellence (CCOE) Colonel Johan Wagner visited the JALLC on 15 November for a very fruitful discussion on how the two organizations could usefully work together.

In particular, Colonel Wagner asked the JALLC to support a workshop—Analysis “makes the difference”— that will be held at the CCOE in the Netherlands on 16−18 October 2018, with the suggestion that the workshop might be hosted jointly by CCOE, the Human Intelligence Centre of Excellence (Humint COE) and the JALLC.

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The JALLC Hosts Information Knowledge Management Working Group Meeting

The Bi-SC IKM WG group picture

From 24 to 26 October, representatives from both of NATO's two strategic commands gathered at the JALLC's facilities in Oeiras for a working group meeting on Information and Knowledge Management (IKM). Participants came from all over NATO's Command Structure with the objective of sharing information and discussing and coordinating efforts on the improvement and rollout of NATO's new and improved IKM tools and services. Topics covered during the working group included IT Modernization, NATO's Information Portal, the Statement of Requirements for 2021, and the improvements to NATO's administrative and document management systems.

As usual, the working group also proved to be an excellent networking opportunity for staff with similar responsibilities across the organization and a chance to share experiences and best practices. This successful working group is one in a series of working groups and other sessions that the JALLC hosts at its facilities that allow communities of interest the opportunity to get together on a regular basis

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JALLC hosts Workshop on Improved NATO Lessons Learned Portal

The Bi-SC LL WG group picture

On 18 and 19 October 2017, the JALLC welcomed representatives from the NATO Command Structure (NCS) Lessons Learned (LL) community, as they arrived to participate in training on the improved functionalities of the NATO Lessons Learned Portal (NLLP). The NLLP is the Alliance’s centralized hub to share to LL related information. It includes, among other things, a searchable database of NATO's Lessons as well as areas where Communities of Interest can share related information, ideas, and upcoming events. The NLLP is being upgraded in conjunction with NATO's efforts to improve its overall LL process, through a dedicated Optimization Action Plan, as agreed during the NATO LL Conference organized by the JALLC in November 2016. The ultimate goals of the improvement of the NLLP are to ensure greater accountability and transparency of the process in addition to improved sharing of Lessons and related information NATO-wide.

Participants arrived from various NATO locations in Europe and North-America and were presented with new concept of decentralization of NLLP management as well as a demonstration on how to use new and improved NLLP functions which will allow better tracking of Lessons as they are run through the NATO LL process. They were then invited to trial the new NLLP themselves, working through each step of the process of inputting and managing Lessons into the NLLP. JALLC staff conducting the training took the opportunity to remind participants (which will be future trainers of their own staff) of the importance of assuring the quality of the data being included in the NLLP.

The second day was mainly dedicated to receiving from the audience their requirements for adaptations of the NLLP and discussing their relevance and feasibility. The workshop concluded by setting the agenda and agreeing the next steps in the process for the roll-out of the improved NLLP. You can find out more about the NLLP here.

Taking advantage of the gathering of the NCS LL community, on 17 October JALLC also hosted a LL working group (NCS size) chaired by HQ SACT IDLL as well as a trilateral LL working group dedicated to the adaptation of the Bi Strategic Command Directive on the Lessons Learned (Bi-SC 80-06) on the 16th of October. This gathering of different Lessons Learned working groups, together with the LL Portal Workshop, has been referred as “the LL Week in Lisbon”.

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JALLC and the Portuguese Military University discuss Cooperation

delegation from the Portuguese Military University Institute at JALLC

On 19 October 2017, the JALLC received a delegation from the Portuguese Military University Institute, headed by the Institute’s Commander, Vice Admiral Bastos Ribeiro. The objective of this visit was to discover the Portuguese Military University and the JALLC might be able to engage in areas of common interest which would be mutually beneficial to both organizations. Among other themes, representatives of both organizations discussed the spread of the Lessons Learned culture among the Allies; the NATO Lessons Learned Portal; JALLC Training and Outreach opportunities; and the NATO's Lessons Learned Conference 2018.

The visit was very profitable and Portuguese Military University Institute demonstrated interest in cooperating with the JALLC in several areas of activity.

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Delegation of the Brazilian Army Doctrine Centre visits the JALLC

Delegation of the Brazilian Army Doctrine Centre visiting the JALLC

On 12 October 2017, the JALLC received a visit from a delegation of the Brazilian Army Doctrine Centre, headed by its Commander; Brigadier General Hertz Pires do Nascimento. The delegation has been visiting similar centres, gathering information and concepts that are relevant to their development of related doctrine and in support of the Brazilian Army’s modernization and transformation.

The Brazilian Delegation had an office call with the JALLC Chief of Staff – Colonel Henrique Santos (Portuguese Army), followed by a presentation and about the NATO Lessons Learned Process and an open discussion about related topics. Among other things, the Brazilian officers learned about NATO Partners Across the Globe, an initiative that extends the Alliance dialogue to countries including: Afghanistan, Australia, Colombia, Iraq, Japan, Mongolia, New Zeeland and Pakistan. These countries develop cooperation with NATO in areas of mutual interest, including emerging security challenges, and some contribute actively to NATO operations either militarily or in some other way.

The Alliance’s Lessons Learned process was also discussed, with particular emphasis on the NATO Lessons Learned Portal developed and is maintained by the JALLC, which is considered a major tool to support NATO's transformation.

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The JALLC's 15th Anniversary

The JALLC 15th anniversary part 1

On 20 September 2017, NATO’s Joint Analysis and Lessons Learned Centre (JALLC) celebrated its 15th anniversary with staff and distinguished guests including Ambassadors of Allied Nations, Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (SACT), General Denis Mercier, and the President of Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.
The anniversary was marked by an official ceremony (full video available below) at the JALLC's headquarters on the Portuguese Air Force base in Monsanto, Lisbon where the JALLC's Commander, Brigadier General Mário Barreto, SACT, and the President addressed the audience.

The JALLC Commander noted in particular that, although the JALLC is technically a backward looking organization as it analyses lessons from the past, it continuously works with an eye on the future, directly and indirectly contributing to NATO's transformation though its analysis reports and through its work as custodian of the NATO Lessons Learned Portal, NATO's centralized hub for all things related to understanding how NATO can learn from its exercises and operations.Full JALLC Commander speech available here.

The JALLC 15th anniversary part 2

SACT noted that the JALLC's data collection and analysis capabilities are invaluable to the transformation of the Alliance and that the JALLC is expected to play a key role as NATO adapts for the future. He explained that translating lessons into usable data for the benefit of the whole Alliance, through the NATO Lessons Learned Portal, will be paramount to NATO's efforts to meet challenges now and in the future. Full SACT speech available here.

Finally, the President closed the speeches with an address that reminded the audience of the fact that Portugal was one of the founding Nations of NATO and is proud to be an Ally. He also noted that although times may have changed since its inception, NATO has changed with the times and remains as relevant as ever stating that although Portuguese Presidents and governments may come and go, Portugal’s commitment to NATO would remain the same.

Several members of the JALLC were presented with certificates recognizing their service to the JALLC over the past 5, 10, and 15 years, and two medals were awarded by the President to JALLC staff members for distinguished service. The formal ceremony ended with the President unveiling a plaque commemorating the JALLC's 15th anniversary in the headquarters lobby.

The JALLC 15th anniversary part 3

In conjunction with the anniversary the JALLC published a book celebrating, 15 Years of the JALLC explaining the organization’s mission and activites, as well as celebrating 15 years of achievements. A special edition of the JALLC's newsletter, The 2017 Explorer Special Edition, was also published, including both academic and personal articles written by JALLC staff members.

These special JALLC publications are also the first written products to display the JALLC's new shield which has been developed in conjunction with the 15th anniversary to better reflect the organization’s present role, activities, and place within the Alliance. You can read more about the new shield in the special edition of The 2017 Explorer Special Edition where the meaning behind the symbols on the shield is explained.

The video of the 15 years of JALLC ceremony

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Video Commemorating the JALLC's 15th Anniversary

During the month of September 2017, the JALLC will be celebrating its 15th Anniversary in a number of ways including a formal ceremony, a commemorative book looking back over the past 15 years of the JALLC and its achievements, and a special edition of the JALLC's newsletter, The Explorer, which will include articles from the JALLC's staff on a host of academic and personal topics. In addition to these activities, the JALLC, in coordination with its sister organization the Joint Warfare Centre, has produced a short video celebrating the 15 years of the JALLC. The video which is available here, explains to the audience what the JALLC does and how it is evolving to meet the challenges of the next 15 years.

The book, 15 years of the JALLC, and the special edition of The Explorer will be available online later this month.

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The JALLC will change its heraldic crest in September 2017

This month, the JALLC celebrates its 15th anniversary. Over the past 15 years the JALLC has contributed to NATO's transformation in many ways including conducting over 200 analytical studies covering a wide range of topics in support of nearly every major NATO operation, exercise or event, including International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan, NATO Training Mission – Iraq (NTM-I), Kosovo Force (KFOR), Operation ACTIVE ENDEAVOUR, Operation UNIFIED PROTECTOR, Operation OCEAN SHIELD,NATO Disaster Relief to Pakistan, the ALLIED ACTION and STEADFAST series of NRF exercises and a number of Multi-National Experiments. In addition to its analysis capability, the JALLC has also been instrumental to NATO's Lessons Learned Process in developing, managing, and maintaining the NATO Lessons Learned Portal and by conducting hundreds of outreach activities, travelling all over the Alliance and beyond to advise and assist other organizations in developing their Lessons Learned processes as well as understanding NATO's.

The JALLC's history has been one of evolution as it has continuously adapted to meet the needs of the Allies. The centre’s future looks set to continue this trend as it now focuses more sharply on NATO's Lessons Learned Process and how it can increase the value it provides to NATO in this area.

To mark the 15th anniversary and the next step in its evolution, the JALLC has developed a new shield which is intended to reflect its current activities while retaining a link with its past. The new emblem on the shield, the owl, represents wisdom, and its wings are spread to show how the JALLC helps move the Alliance forward into the future. The new shield will be introduced on 20 September when the JALLC formally celebrates its 15th Anniversary.

The full explanation about the shield, its history, why and how it has changed, will be included in a special edition of The Explorer which will be published in conjunction with the anniversary celebrations on 20 September. But for now, the teaser video gives a taste of what is to come.

"Progress is impossible without change". George Bernard Shaw

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Medal Ceremony at the JALLC

The Medal Ceremony at the JALLC

On the 25th July 2017, the JALLC conducted a Medal Ceremony to award two of its staff members with the Portuguese Chief of Defense’s medal - Cruz de São Jorge.

The two officers - Colonel San Antonio Dimetrio (Spanish Army) and Lieutenant Colonel Emmanouil Touloupakis (Greek Army) - received their medals in recognition of their achievements at the JALLC and their contribution for the cooperation of JALLC with the Host Nation – Portugal.

The event had the presence of the Greek Ambassador to Portugal – H.E. Mrs. Ekaterini Simopoulou - and the Deputy Military Attaché from the Spanish Embassy – Lieutenant Colonel Guillermo Rodriguez.

Before the Medal Ceremony both Diplomatic delegations had an office Call with the Commander of the JALLC, where the outreach program of the JALLC was discussed regarding the engagement with both represented nations.

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The Portuguese Army Chief of Staff visited the JALLC

The Portuguese Army Chief of Staff at the JALLC

On 6 July 2017, the JALLC received a visit from the Portuguese Army Chief of Staff – General Rovisco Duarte. General Rovisco was accompanied by a decision-making delegation of the Portuguese Army which, after an office call with the JALLC Commander, was able to learn about the JALLC, its activities and the Lessons Learned process.

This was a very profitable working visit, with an exchange of information between the two organizations which provided the JALLC staff with details about the Portuguese Army´s own Lessons Learned activity and its compatibility with NATO standards.

The main product of this visit was the sharing of Lessons Learned information and experiences between the two organizations, and the dissemination of NATO´s standards, techniques and procedures not only in the JALLC Host Nation, but also among the wider Portuguese-speaking countries military organizations, for which the Portuguese Army has the lead in introducing a Lessons Learned culture.

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Royal United Services Institute lecture at the JALLC

Royal United Services Institute lecture at the JALLC

On 29 June 2017, Professor Trevor Taylor of the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) made a presentation at the JALLC about “Best Practice in Defence Analysis and Policy Advice” with reference to his research of lessons from the collaborative procurement of the A400M transport aircraft in the UK. The event was attended by a wide range of JALLC members and also invited participants from the Portuguese defence community

There were a number of key points from Professor Taylor’s lecture:

  • every project is unique, so be careful about the grounds for transferring lessons from one to another;
  • lessons are subjective, so be transparent about the methodology used and ensure a strong evidence-base from which to derive them;
  • context matters, so acknowledge historical, political, commercial, organizational, and behavioural aspects when identifying lessons; and
  • subject matter expertise and analysis skills are imperative to effectively engage stakeholders, successfully identify relevant lessons and promote remedial actions.

Professor Taylor concluded his lecture with reminders that Lessons Learned exercises are inherently research projects and of the need to be persuasive, when there is a perceived need for learning and subsequent change.

The lecture forms part of the RUSIJALLC partnership framework, which aims to provide the JALLC with the latest cutting-edge RUSI defence research and analysis findings and best practice in contemporary strategic level topics.

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The Swedish International Centre visited the JALLC

The Swedish International Centre at the JALLC

On 8 of June 2017, four members of the Swedish International Centre (SWEDINT), included its Commander - Colonel Peter Fredriksson - travelled to the JALLC in order to strengthen the bounds between the two centres.

SWEDINT hosts, since its creation in 2009, the Lessons Learned Staff Officer Course (LLSOC) that is run by the JALLC. After a briefing on the JALLC presented by JALLC’s commander – Brigadier General Mário Barreto – the two staffs engaged in an interesting discussion with the goal to deepen the relationship between the two organizations.

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Supreme Allied Commander Transformation visited the JALLC

General Denis Mercier (SACT) visiting JALLC

On 20 June 2017, the JALLC received the visit of General Denis Mercier, the Supreme Commander for Transformation (SACT), who shared with the JALLC staff his vision of the future for the Centre. During this full-day working visit, General Mercier received information about the JALLC's present activities and provided his vision of how he sees the JALLC operating in the future as NATO's lead agent for Lessons Learned.

SACT addressed the JALLC staff members, and expressed his satisfaction with the high quality of the work of the Centre, both in its reports and elsewhere. He stressed that it will be essential to have an entity with a focus on Lessons Learned to support the NATO command structure, and that that should be the role of the JALLC. The JALLC's work needs to be dedicated largely to lessons, particularly their implementation. The Nations need to be brought more into the Lessons Learned process and the NATO Lessons Learned Portal that the JALLC manages needs to be used more efficiently.

“We must transform the Centre, to emphasis the focus on Lessons Learned”.

At the end of his visit, General Denis Mercier was interviewed by a Portuguese TV channel (SIC), and explained how the Allied Command Transformation is helping to tailor the way in which NATO will operate in the future

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Naval Striking and Support Forces’ (STRIKFORNATO) Chief of Staff visits the JALLC

placing the flag of Montenegro to stand alongside with all the other NATO Nations

On 07June 2017 the JALLC received the visit of the Chief of Staff for the NATO Naval Striking and Support Forces (STRIKFORNATO) – Brigadier General Karsten Heckl (USA Marine Corps). Brigadier General Heckl had an office call with the JALLC Commander – Brigadier General Mário Barreto, and discussed, among other subjects, the relationship between JALLC and STRIKFORNATO.

This was a very profitable meeting, between two NATO organizations which have their headquarters located in Portugal.

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Montenegro as the twenty-ninth member Nation of NATO

placing the flag of Montenegro to stand alongside with all the other NATO Nations

On the afternoon of 07June 2017, the JALLC staff members gathered at the same time as in all major headquarters in the NATO Command Structure to recognize the accession of Montenegro as the twenty-ninth member Nation of NATO.
The Commander/We placed the flag of Montenegro to stand proudly alongside the standards of all the other NATO Nations.

This event represented the culmination of many years of effort on the part of Montenegro to become a full NATO member. Montenegro’s accession demonstrates our common goal of a more peaceful and prosperous Europe, increasing peace, security, and stability throughout the Euro-Atlantic area.

The JALLC congratulates Montenegro on its accession toNATOand welcomes it into the Alliance.

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JALLC staff member art exhibition at the Portuguese MoD

placing the flag of Montenegro to stand alongside with all the other NATO Nations

The staff of the JALLC have many talents and enjoy taking part in and contributing to the cultural life of Lisbon and Portugal. On 30 May, an exhibition of the work of one of our team opened at the Ministry of National Defence in Lisbon. It contains photographs by LTC Jacek Ulinski (Polish Army) and paintings by his wife Kasia Wrona.

The exhibition was opened at a ceremony hosted by the Secretary General of the Ministry of National Defence Sr Gustavo André Esteves Alves Madeira. The ceremony was attended by the Polish Ambassador in Portugal HE Jacek Junosza Kisielewski, the Commander of the JALLC Brigadier-General Mário A. V. Salvação Barreto, JALLC representatives, artists, members of the Portuguese Ministry of Defence, art lovers and invited guests.

The exhibition focuses on the world of nature, with over 40 close-up photographs of flowers and insects in varied forms and shapes and large paintings inspired by the elements of Earth. It is entitled “The light of Portugal” and depicts the artists’ love of playing with the unique Portuguese light, and capturing the minute details of its ever-changing nature.

The exhibition continues until mid-June and everyone is very welcome to go along to see it.

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University of Ludwigsburg, Germany, visited the JALLC

University of Ludwigsburg, Germany, visiting  JALLC

On 01 June 2017, a group of 20 trainees from the Public Administration University of Ludwigsburg, Germany, visited the JALLC. This group of future public administration officials—all junior lawyers—was visiting Portugal on a judicial study trip. Being aware that the JALLC represents the NATO footprint in Portugal they did not miss the chance to request a visit, in order to understand better the way that NATO undertakes Joint Analysis of complex problems.

“This was a very educational visit. We’ve not only learned about the type of products the JALLC does, but we also received a refresher on the North Atlantic Alliance from people that are actually working on it.” – said one of the visitors.

After their graduation, the group members will be employed in the highest ranks of public administration in Germany.

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The JALLC hosts NATO's Lessons Learned Steering Group

The NATO Lessons Learned Steering Group Meeting

On 23 May 2017, the JALLC received the NATO Lessons Learned Steering Group Meeting took place at the JALLC. This meeting followed a preparatory gathering, on 22 May 2017, by Lessons Learned staff officers from the Allied Command Operations (Mons – Belgium), the Allied Command Transformation (Norfolk – USA), and the JALLC.

During these meetings, the participants discussed the NATO Lessons Learned Optimization Plan, plans for the NATO Lessons Learned Conference 2018 and the JALLC Programme of Work.

The meetings were very fruitful, and will contribute to the coordination of future Lessons Learned-related activities within the Alliance, a vital subject for NATO's transformation.

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NATO IT Academy breaks ground in Portugal

The NCI Academy building

On 23 May 2017, the JALLC Commander was present at the breaking the ground ceremony for the new NATO IT Academy in Oeiras - Portugal. The event was presided over by the Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa, in the presence of the Portuguese Ministry of Defence, the NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCIA) General Manager Koen Gijsbers and top Portuguese officials. This event marked the start of construction of a prestigious NATO training facility in Oeiras

The NCI Academy will provide expert training to civilian and military staff from NATO and its member Nations on the Alliance’s advanced IT and cyber systems, both software and hardware. Operators trained in the Academy will go on to man NATO's IT and communications systems, as well as its air, ballistic, and cyber defences. The NCI Academy is expected to receive 6000 students attending 400 courses per year.

“We are breaking the ground for the construction of an Academy that will be a pillar of a modern, future-ready NATO,” said the General Manager in his opening speech. “The Academy will be a hub and incubator for industry, academia and vendors involved in training technology.”

The Reduto Gomes Freire compound

The Portuguese Prime Minister said, “This NATO School is an opportunity to reinforce Portuguese capacity in an area that is absolutely critical.”

The NCIA Academy will install its cutting-edge facilities in the Portuguese Compound of Reduto Gomes Freire, in Oeiras, Portugal. The new school will share the location with other Host Nation and NATO entities, such as STRIKFORNATO and the JALLC. The contract foresees the construction of a 13,000 square metre building. Once fully operational, in the third quarter of 2019, it will replace several NCIA training facilities, including the NATO Communications and Information Systems School in Latina, Italy, and the Air Command and Control.

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JALLC Staff visits the Portuguese Joint Operations Command

JALLC Staff at the Portuguese Joint Operations Command

On 24 May 2017, a group of JALLC staff members visited the Portuguese Joint Operations Command in Oeiras – Portugal. The aim of this visit was to provide the NATO staff members with situation awareness about the way the Portuguese Armed Forces are organized and their missions abroad in the service of NATO, UN, EU, OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe), Coalition and Bilateral Operations.

The JALLC staff members had the opportunity to visit the bunker facilities of the Joint Command and Control Centre, where they received interesting briefings about the Portuguese Special Operations; the military capabilities to support to humanitarian crisis in Portugal; and the Portuguese Verification Unit for International Arms Control. Of particular interest for the JALLC staff members was the information shared about the Portuguese Joint Lessons Learned Process and the National Joint Database of Lessons Identified.

The JALLC's visit contributed to an exchange of knowledge with the Portuguese Joint structure, sharing the Allied view on Lessons Learned.

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Air Commodore Ralph Reefman visits the JALLC

Air Commodore Ralph Reefman at jallc

On 18 May 2017, the JALLC received a visit from Air Commodore Ralph Reefman (NLD Air Force), Assistant Chief of Staff Defence Planning of the Supreme Allied Command Transformation (ACOS DP ACT). Air Commodore Reefman met the JALLC Chief of Staff Colonel Henrique Santos (PRT Army) and discussed several matters regarding NATO's transformation and JALLC's contribution to that.

The Air Commodore also had the opportunity to discuss with JALLC's analysts some details of specific studies that are currently being developed at the Centre.

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Major General Alfredo Sanz visits the JALLC

Major General Alfredo Sanz at jallc

On 21 April 2017, the JALLC received a visit from Major General Alfredo Sanz (Spanish Army), the Deputy Chief of Staff Resources for the Supreme Allied Power Europe (DCOS RES SHAPE). The purpose of Major General Sanz’s visit was to gain situation awareness on the JALLC's mission, the way theJALLCis organized and the resources available to execute the products the Alliance requires. Major General Sanz had an Office Call with Brigadier General Mário Barreto—the Commander of the JALLC—followed by a presentation about the JALLC, its products and activities. After the briefing, Major General Sanz visited the JALLC facilities.

Major General Alfredo Sanz expressed his appreciation for the visit to the JALLC, saying:

“It was a great pleasure and honour to visit the JALLC, which excels in providing NATO with findings and recommendations to help it to carry out its work with full understanding and to benefit from Lessons Learned. I found this visit extremely useful and I encourage the JALLC to keep up the high standard and spirit they show on a daily basis.”
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Major General Giovanni Fantuzzi visits the JALLC

Major General Giovanni Fantuzzi at jallc

On 12 April 2017, the JALLC received a visit from Major General Giovanni Fantuzzi, the Deputy Commander of the Italian Joint Operations Headquarters in Rome. The purpose of Major General Fantuzzi’s visit was for the General to gain situation awareness of the way the JALLC conducts the Lessons Learned Process, because his national duties include responsibility for that same subject.

Major General Fantuzzi had an Office Call with Brigadier General Mário Barreto – the Commander of the JALLC – followed by a tailored briefing, during which Major General Fantuzzi was able to ask technical questions of JALLC Division Heads.

Major General Fantuzzi departed with words of appreciation for the opportunity he had had to gain a better understanding of the JALLC, and expressing the need to share Lessons Learned among NATO countries.

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The JALLC hosted the Extended Service Level Agreement (ESLA) for 2018

the ESLA workgroup at cascais

The latest meeting between the ACT HQs and the NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCIA) to define the Extended Service Level Agreement (ESLA) for 2018 took place on 4–6 April in Lisbon at the JALLC facilities in Reduto Gomes Freire compound.
A total of 22 people from the Communication and Information Systems (CIS) and Financial ACT Branches, representatives of NCIA Demand Management and the local CIS Support Units for each HQ met over three days to define and agree the terms for how NCIA will deliver CIS support, both routinely as part of normal working days and in exercises and training periods.

It was a successful meeting that ended with a dinner at the Messe da Marinha in Cascais, an excellent facility that belongs to the Portuguese Navy.

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JALLC and RUSI hold joint workshop

JALLC and RUSI hold joint workshop

On 27 April 2017, a delegation from the Joint Analysis and Lessons Learned Centre (JALLC) led by Colonel Henrique Santos (Chief of Staff JALLC, PRT Army) participated in a workshop in London with the globally recognised think tank the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI). During the workshop, which was conducted under Chatham House Rules, participants addressed questions relevant to current JALLC analysis projects and to future areas of Joint Analysis and shared best practice in defence analysis methods.

Reflecting on the findings and conclusions of the workshop, RUSI's Professor John Louth and Colonel Santos agreed that the workshop had successfully advanced the knowledge and skill sets of both RUSI and JALLC participants. As an opportunity to benefit from independent thinking and an open exchange o f views, the RUSIJALLC workshop fits well with the aim of the Supreme Allied Commander Transformation to advance engagement with thought leaders in the academic and think tank world.

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Visit to the Portuguese Air Command Operations’ Centre

Visit to the Portuguese Air Command Operations Centre

Since it was established in Lisbon in 2002, the JALLC has enjoyed being hosted by the Portuguese Air Force, inside the compound of the Comando Aéreo. The Air Command provides the JALLC not only with our building, but also a variety of other services including catering, sports facilities, security, safety and emergency medical support.

On 19 April 2017, a group of JALLC staff visited the Air Force bunker in the compound from which Portuguese air space is surveyed and all military flights are controlled. It was good to meet colleagues from the Portuguese Air Force—whom we usually only see in the canteen or the gym—in their work environment and learn something about what happens in the compound.

The NATO staff received a briefing about the Portuguese Air Force capabilities, with a special focus on the National Search and Rescue function, Air Defence, and the NATO Air Policing responsibilities. After the briefing, the staff were invited to visit the operational rooms and saw the Portuguese radar system, with which the operators looks for abnormal situations that could require the intervention of the Air Force.

The JALLC’s visit contributed to increased shared knowledge with the Portuguese defence community and interoperability among the NATO Nations.

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Run in the sun

Run in the sun

A charity run took place on 06 April for staff in the Air Force Air Command Compound, Monsanto, where the JALLC is based. The aim was to raise some funds for the Association of Parents and Friends of Children with Cancer as well as to have some fun and exercise.

The initiative was a great success. People were asked to make a donation to take part in the run and over 60 people participated. The weather was perfect for the run and the 3.5 km trail through Monsanto forest was beautiful as ever. Everyone enjoyed the atmosphere and encouraged each other on.

15 JALLC members participated in the fun run—or walk in some cases—testing their running skills and stamina. Whether running or walking everyone completed the run, had fun, and raised money for a good cause.

Master Sergeant Eduardo Silva of the JALLC, who took part in the run said:

I had a very good time, and enjoyed the walk in the pleasant weather and beautiful Monsanto surroundings. I believe that cancer is something that we have to fight with all our strength. I participate in as many fundraisers as I can, especially those that help out children who should be enjoying school and playing outdoors rather than having to spend time in hospital.

The JALLC staff send their best wishes to all the children and their families who were supported by this initiative.

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Visit of University of Lusìada Students to the JALLC

The Visit of University of Lusìada Students to the JALLC

A group of students who are studying International Relations at the University of Lusíada and their professors visited the JALLC on 07 April 2017. The aim of the visit was to ensure that the students were aware of the NATO presence in Portugal and knew what the JALLC is and what it does.

The visit began with a Command Group Office Call at which Professor Dr Luís Saraiva, Professor Dr Vitor Fernandes, and Gonçalo Marques, a second-year student representative, met the JALLC's Chief of Staff COL Henrique José Pereira dos Santos.

COL Santos then welcomed all of the students to the JALLC. He gave a short presentation on its history, where it fits into the NATO structure, its mission, and its work on joint analysis, lessons learned, and training. This was followed by a presentation from

Ms Jodie Lazell, the Editor at the JALLC, which described how JALLC analyses complex, recurring, cross-command problems and supports NATO's Lessons Learned process. Ms Lazell set out the JALLC Project Approach, based on Prince 2™ methodology, which takes a project from the identification of the requirement by the customer through to final product and the evaluation of the process.

The visit concluded with the signing of the Book of Honour and a group photograph.

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JALLC Hosts Second Royal United Services Institute Seminar

The Second Royal United Services Institute Seminar at jallc

On 05 April 2017, Professor Trevor Taylor of the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) talked to the JALLC and participants from the Portuguese defence community about the UNITED STATES’ THIRD OFFSET STRATEGY and its prospects. Professor Taylor gave a fascinating talk about the changing threats that NATO is seeking to counter, the kind of missions and operations that are likely in the future, and the need for a step-change in capability through innovation.

Professor Taylor suggested that the necessary step-change in capability will happen if the defence community can adapt existing technologies and thinking for new purposes, make connections between existing technologies and thinking, and take advantage of the huge proportion of total global research and development spending that is undertaken by commercial companies for civil purposes.

"Innovation is not just about technology: it is also about thinking and behaviours. Innovation will only come if we are more ready to tolerate failure”

The seminar forms part of the RUSIJALLC partnership framework agreed in May 2016, which includes a workshop covering JALLC project themes, two lectures on contemporary, strategic-level defence and security topics, and a major corporate RUSI membership for the JALLC. The partnership means that JALLC can benefit from the latest cutting-edge RUSI defence research and analysis findings and best practice in contemporary strategic level topics.

Commenting on the successful delivery of the Third Offset Strategy seminar, the JALLC's Commander, Brigadier General Mário Barreto (Portuguese Airforce) stated:

“The seminar provided the participants with valuable insights into the changing defence world and the critical role of innovation in responding to the challenges. It was a privilege to hear the views of one of the research community’s recognized experts on these issues.”
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JALLC received the visit of two Nordic countries’ Ambassadors

Ambassador of Sweden her Excellency Caroline Fleetwood and Finnish Ambassador Her Excellency Tarja Laitiainen

On 02 March 2017, the JALLC received the visit of two Nordic countries’ Ambassadors: the Ambassador of Sweden – her Excellency Caroline Fleetwood; and the Finnish Ambassador – Her Excellency Tarja Laitiainen. The two ambassadors had an Office Call with Commander JALLC, where they shared the latest political developments regarding their countries’ defence related concerns. This occurred on the very same day that Sweden re-established its compulsory military draft service.

The Office Call was followed by a briefing by Brigadier General Mario Barreto – Commander of the JALLC – where the two diplomats received a tailored explanation about the mission of the JALLC and its modus operandi. During the briefing several questions were answered by JALLC Commander, providing both ambassadors with situational awareness regarding the Transformation of the Alliance and the role of JALLC therein.

The two ambassadors departed with words of appreciation for the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the JALLC.

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JALLC has incorporated a PfP staff officer from Azerbaijan

The addition of the Azerbaijani flag to the Flag Hall at the JALLC

One of NATO’s most important focus areas is the cooperation with the Alliance’s Partner Nations. Currently, 22 non-NATO countries are part of the NATO Partnership for Peace (PfP) program.
In the spirit of partnership the JALLC has created specific positions in its staff structure to accommodate the contribution of a PfP officer. In the month of February 2017, the JALLC received an officer from the Republic of Azerbaijan, who will be joining the analytical capability of the Centre.

The addition of the Azerbaijani flag to the Flag Hall at the JALLC was a special occasion, attended by All Hands at the JALLC. With the inclusion of Azerbaijan, the JALLC now has staff members representing 17 NATO and non-NATO countries.

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Visit of the German Armed Forces Command and Staff College

German Armed Forces Command and Staff College visiting the JALLC

On 13 February 2017, a delegation of the German Armed Forces Command and Staff College (FüAk Bw) visited the JALLC. The delegation consisted of 12 students of the Joint General/Admiral Staff Officer Course (LGAN), the delegation head, Colonel (GS) Fritsch, and the course tutor Commander Hornung. and was accompanied by the German Defence Attaché in Portugal, Lieutenant Colonel (GS) Taube. All were welcomed at the JALLC by the German Senior National Representative in Portugal and JALLC Operations Division Head, Captain Velten of the German Navy.

Supported by Dr. Henrik Heidenkamp (Civilian Research Analyst at the JALLC) and Ms Tiffany Genest (Civilian Lessons Learned Analyst at the JALLC), Captain Velten familiarized the FüAk delegation with the German Military Representation in Portugal as well as the JALLC’s and NATO’s Naval Striking and Support Forces’ (STRIKFORNATO) missions, activities, and organizations. In particular the JALLC hosts explained the JALLC’s approach to Joint Analysis, its support to the exchange of Lessons Learned (LL), and the JALLC’s efforts to facilitate the development of LL Capabilities across NATO.

Every year 100 national and international students from the German Army, Airforce, Navy, the Central Medical Service, and Geoinformation Service join the two-year LGAN – the most demanding course of the FüAk Bw.

The visit concluded the FüAk delegation’s visit to Lisbon during which delegation members gained insights into factors influencing Portugal’s security and defence policy, the command organization of the Portuguese Armed Forces, and its process of transformation.

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Delegation from the University of Essex, Great Britain, visited the JALLC

University of Essex visiting the JALLC

On 26 January 2017, a delegation of three scholars from the University of Essex, Great Britain, visited the JALLC with the intent to increase JALLC staff awareness of cutting edge research on topics of NATO relevance and of current developments in research methods of relevance to the JALLC’s joint analysis activities. Prof. Kristian Gleditsch, one of the leading political science scholars on civil war, research director at the Essex Department of Government, and an associate with the Peace Research Institute Oslo/ Centre for the Study of Civil War led the visit together with Dr Tobias Böhmelt and Dr Daina Chiba, respectively reader and lecturer at Essex University, who have both published extensively in leading political science journals on conflict between and within states.

After having been briefed by Brigadier General Mário Barreto on the work done at the JALLC, the three scholars introduced and discussed their on-going research on civil war and its regional dimensions, the reliability of military alliance treaties, and the relationship between migration and terrorism to an audience of military and civilian JALLC analysts. The three Essex scholars continued their informative presentations by introducing recent advances in social network analysis and other analysis methods in the social sciences to the JALLC’s research and operational research analysts. The visit concluded with Professor Gleditsch signing the JALLC’s book of honour.

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Portuguese Navy Directorate of Archives and Information Management visit to the JALLC

Lieutenant Brigadier Raúl Botelho visiting the JALLC

On 18 January 2017, the Portuguese Navy Directorate of Archives and Information Management (Direção de Arquivos e Gestão de Informação (DAGI) visited the JALLC. The aim of the visit was to exchange experiences in the area of Information and Knowledge Management (IKM), data and documents lifecycle, and Process Management. The DAGI Director, CMG António Silva Monteiro and ten more Portuguese Navy Officers from different areas within the directorate were welcomed by Commander JALLC, Brigadier General Mário Barreto, who expressed his appreciation for this kind of initiative regarding information and expertise exchange.

The JALLC's Information Management and Communication Information Services (IM&CIS) Branch briefed the party on how NATO and the JALLC manages information and what tools are being used for this purpose; in particular the NATO Lessons Learned Portal (NLLP) and the NATO EXTRA Portal (NXP) were presented to the group. The briefing was followed by an open discussion on more detailed aspects of Information and Data Management.

Finally, Commander JALLC expressed the willingness to collaborate and share the JALLC's experience with the Portuguese Armed Forces as much as with any other NATO Nation. The visit ended with the traditional signing of the book of honour where the party expressed their satisfaction for this opportunity and plaques as a souvenir from the visit were exchanged.

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Portuguese Navy's Senior Officer Promotion Course visited the JALLC

Lieutenant Brigadier Raúl Botelho visiting the JALLC

On 11 January 2017, the JALLC received 60 Portuguese Navy First Lieutenants, who are currently attending the 2016-2017 Portuguese Navy's Senior Officer Promotion Course. The officers, who will earn their rank of at the end of the course, received a comprehensive briefing on Joint Analysis and Lessons Learned processes and activities within NATO, as well as on the JALLC's goals, tasks, and on how it operates.

The officers had also the opportunity to interact directly with the JALLC's Commander Brigadier General Mário Barreto, asking questions and showing great interest in the way the Alliance identifies, analyses, and implements lessons as well as in the role of the JALLC in the Lessons Learned Process.

Upon completion of their course, these officers will enter a new phase in their military careers, shifting the focus of their duties away from the tactical toward the operational and strategic level. It is therefore crucial for them to understand the Lessons Learned Process in military operations, in order to be able to apply it during their careers, ultimately contributing to, not only their nation's transformation in this respect, but also to the Alliance's transformation more generally.

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