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Events 2013

NATO Chiefs of Transformation Conference

The NATO Chiefs of Transformation Conference, organized by HQ SACT, took place from 10 to 12 December 2013, at the Sheraton Waterside Hotel, in Norfolk, Virginia, United States.

Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (SACT), French Air Force General Jean-Paul Paloméros, gives the keynote address at the 2013 Chiefs of Transformation Conference in Norfolk, VirginiaThe JALLC delegation was led by the JALLC Commander, BGEN Mircea Mîndrescu,, and included COL Santiago San Antonio (Plans & Programming Division Head), LTC Vasileios Tsamis (Plans & Programming Staff Officer), and LTC Fernando Duarte (Public Affairs & Protocol).

During the Conference the JALLC, in coordination with HQ SACT Capability Engineering and Innovation ( CEI) Division, led a breakout session on “Capturing into Doctrine Lessons from Afghanistan—Before They are Lost”. The aim was to increase awareness of the need to share lessons—from NATO to Nations and vice versa—in order to contribute to the development of NATO and national doctrines.

COM JALLC and P&P Division Head, during the Breakout Session on the first dayThe JALLC team opened the session by briefing national representatives on the LL process in NATO and ISAF. Main conclusions from some JALLC reports were cited as examples of the successful transformation of policies triggered by lessons; obstacles to the sharing of lessons between the Allies were also identified.

The subsequent discussion between HQ SACT CEI, JALLC and national representatives, centred on experiences of and approaches to collecting lessons from Afghanistan; sharing them within the Alliance; and using them to foster necessary transformation of doctrine.

COM JALLC presenting the Key Takeaways from Break Out session and answering questionsExhibitions in the Main Conference Room, by NATO entities and Centres of Excellence, highlighted some of their products. The Lessons Learned display allowed participants to familiarise themselves with JALLC products—the Lessons Learned and Joint Analysis Handbooks, Project Factsheets and flyers on the JALLC, the JALLC Advisory and Training Team ( JATT) and the JALLC Project Approach—and raise issues or questions with LTC Duarte.

On the second day of the conference, Commander JALLC presented the “key takeaways” of the breakout session to the national chiefs of transformation in plenary session. .

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JALLC Support to the Spanish Operations Command

JALLC Support to the Spanish Operations Command From 26 to 28 November 2013 the JALLC provided tailored Lessons Learned Training to the Spanish Operations Command (MOPS) in Madrid. The training event was attended by 27 officers from the Spanish Armed Forces (belonging to the Operations Command and some other National entities) and also from NATO accredited C-IED COE and CAOC TJ. The first two days were dedicated to brief on all aspects related to the NATO Lessons Learned Capability and Process, including practical analysis training during the second day. Last day was devoted to national issues, briefing on the existing National LL Capability.

The training event turned out very profitable to build and enhance the LL mindset, which is the basis of a robust LL capability.

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Visit of Director of the Joint and Coalition Operational Analysis.

Visit of the Director of the Joint Center for Operational Analysis On 12 November 2013, the Director of the Joint and Coalition Operational Analysis ( JCOA), Colonel Thimothy Renshaw, accompanied by Mr. Al Musgrave, visited the Joint Analysis and Lessons Learned Centre upon their request to be briefed by the JALLC Commander, Colonel Mircea Mîndrescu and his staff on its organization, mission and current projects and to establish a more firm connection between the two organizations and to intensify mutual support and cooperation.

During the visit, note pool topics were discussed: cyber-defence projects, training of the personnel and information sharing between both organizations. Colonel Mîndrescu and Colonel Renshaw agreed to meet each other on a regular basis in the future and look forward to opportunities for common projects.

The visit ended with the traditional signature of the Book of Honour.

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JALLC Support to Romanian Armed Forces

Col Gomes and Cdr Kleibaum in a visit to Romanian Militar Museum in Bucharest, together with Col Vacariu and Col Vitalis From November 11 to November 21, 2013, is being conducted the 1th specialization Course in Lessons Learned domain at The National Defence University "Carol I" (NDU) in Bucharest.
This event is organized by the Training and Doctrine Directorate ROU Armed Forces.
It is a joint event and the participants are from all services of ROU Armed Forces in total 12 students. This course was designed to provide to the students a generic and holistic view about this theme due to the high interest that Romanian armed forces are giving to the subject. Upon a request, JALLC provided the assistance by deploying (11-13Nov) COS, Col Jorge Gomes PRT A and his military analyst Cdr Mike Kleibaum GER N that were in NDU delivering lectures related with Lessons Learned process in NATO and associated subjects. This was one more opportunity that JALLC Analysis Training Team (JATT) had to facilitate/assist this kind of events in NATO.

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Visit of the Chairman of International Board of Auditors for NATO.

Visit of the Chairman of International Board of Auditors for NATO On 5 November 2013, the Chairman of the International Board of Auditors for NATO ( IBAN), Dr. Charilaos Charisis, accompanied by Mrs. Julie Taylor, Auditor for the Board, paid a visit to the Joint Analysis and Lessons Learned Centre upon their request to be received by the JALLC Commander, Colonel Mircea Mîndrescu and his staff.

The IBAN delegation was briefed on the activities within the JALLC and particularly about the Lessons Learned Database, Lessons Learned Portal and the ongoing Projects. The IBAN Chairman stated to be very impressed by the professionalism of the JALLC and its staff members. Both parties agreed to look for further common grounds for cooperation within the NATO area.

The visit ended with the traditional signature of the Book of Honour and gift changing.

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Visit of the Ambassador of Hungary.

Visit of the Ambassador of Hungarian Republic On 24 Sep 2013 His Excellency Mr. Norbert Konkoly, Ambassador of Hungary to Portugal accompanied by Col Gábor Szarka, Defence Attache from the Hungarian Embassy paid a visit to the Joint Analysis and Lessons Learned Centre upon their request to be briefed by the JALLC Commander, Col. Mircea Mîndrescu and his staff on its organization, mission and current projects.

The visit took place in a very warm and friendly atmosphere, with the Hungarian Ambassador stressing the great value of the information that was presented to him and also considering it very informative and relevant in a way that could open a door for an enhanced collaboration with this Centre.

Col. Mircea Mîndrescu was grateful for the visit and reinforced the role of this organization in support of the Alliance and the nations.

The visit ended with the traditional signature of the Book of Honour and a group picture in front of JALLC's main entrance.

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JALLC Analyst Training Course

JALLC Analyst Training Course group picture During the week of 23 September 2013 the JALLC ran an innovative Analyst Training Course. The aim of the course is to introduce the JALLC military and civilian analysts and lessons learned analysts from other organizations to the analysis process JALLC uses to complete its analysis projects for NATO. It provides students with hands-on experience of the most essential techniques and knowledge they will need to fulfill their role as an analyst. The course immersed 16 students (13 newly arrived JALLC members plus three Portuguese military analysts) in a thoughtfully-updated curriculum designed to develop proficiency in the JALLC approach to analysis. .

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JALLC 11th Anniversary Celebration

On September 9th, in an elegant and friendly setting, JALLC celebrated its 11th Anniversary. Apart from the JALLC personnel, Ambassadors or Heads of Diplomatic Missions from Nations whose military personnel serves with JALLC were represented along with high ranking military officers from the Host nation, Portugal. Military Attachés that reside in Portugal and other guest from Portugal and abroad took part in the manifestation. Vice-Admiral Pereira da Cunha who acted as the special representative of the Portuguese Chief of Defence delivered a special message on behalf of General Luis Araújo.

JALLC 11th Anniversary Celebration

In his speech, Colonel Mîndrescu went over the History of the JALLC since its creation, foundation and establishment until our days: the importance of JALLC personnel along last 11 years, supporting all the most important NATO Operations, with over than 140 analysis reports, was stressed clearly by JALLC Commander when he said that “the JALLC staff past and present can be rightly proud of their achievements in supporting all of these NATO Operations, while still carrying out analysis tasks in support of NATO training events, exercises and experiments”. And illustrated the importance of JALLC contribution to NATO with the example of the 15 Lessons for the Alliance to learn with OUP – Libya Operation –, which were fully endorsed by the NAC, and its progress on the agreed remedial actions is currently being tracked by the IMS.

Remarks were made regarding other JALLC achievements, JATT’s activities, the NATO Lessons Learned Staff Officer Course, the JALLC Analyst Training Course, and the annual NATO Lessons Learned Conference being among those highlighted.

JALLC 11 anniversary group picture

The JALLC Commander expressed his deep appreciation for the superb support provided to the JALLC by Portugal, as Host Nation, whose contribution to the JALLC success is instrumental.

Regarding the future, Colonel Mîndrescu expressed his conviction that in the future “ JALLC will continue to investigate, understand, identify causes, and present potential solutions to issues of importance to NATO Commanders and decision makers, through the provision of high quality analysis reports, supporting the Alliance’s three essential core tasks of Collective Defence, Crisis Management and Cooperative Security, and ongoing NATO initiatives such as Smart Defence, Connected Forces and Comprehensive Approach”.

After the JALLC Commander intervention, Vice-Admiral Pereira da Cunha, representing the Portuguese Chief of Defense, addressed the audience, as well. After expressing his gratitude for the opportunity of being associated to the celebratory date, Vice-Admiral Pereira da Cunha reiterated the strong satisfaction of Portugal regarding the hosting a NATO entity on its territory, especially one that is part of the NATO Command Structure, and reiterated the determination of the Portuguese Military Authorities to support the JALLC in fulfilling its mission to the best of their possibilities. In the end of his speech, Vice-Admiral Pereira da Cunha wished Col Mîndrescu, recently appointed JALLC Commander, all the success in the new position.

The Honour Session ended with JALLC Commander inviting the distinguished guests to sign in JALLC Book of Honour. After that, an 11th Anniversary Group Photo was taken at JALLC front door. Finally, the guests and the JALLC staff did short walk to Air Force Monsanto Mess, for the Ceremony Cocktail.

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COL Mîndrescu visit to ACT

COL Mîndrescu, the JALLC Commander visited ACT As part of the assuming the command process, Col Mircea Mîndrescu, the new JALLC Commander, paid a working visit to the SACT HQ, in Norfolk, between 4 and 6 September. The visit’s programme included the attendance of the DSACT Change of Command Ceremony and, also, a host of Office Call meetings, the most important of with being with the SACT, France Air Force General Jean Paul Paloméros.

In his directions and guidance, SACT expressed his full appreciation regarding the high quality products that JALLC has always been offering and reiterated the importance he is associating with the analysis and lessons learned activity. Also, he made his thoughts regarding the JALLC place in the overall ACT picture known. Colonel Mîndrescu used the occasion to present a very short update about where JALLC is and what are the JALLC’s needs.

The other Office Calls offered Colonel Mîndrescu opportunities to receive necessary directions and guidance and to inform about JALLC achievements and the support JALLC requires.

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The New NATO Lessons Learned Portal (NLLP) – An Enhanced Capability

NATO has been engaged in continuous transformation for many years to ensure that it has the policies, capabilities and structures required to deal with current and future challenges, including the collective defense of its members. the NLLP home page Accordingly, the Joint Analysis and Lessons Learned Centre developed the new NATO Lessons Learned Portal ( NLLP).

The NLLP based on SharePoint technology, is the main NATO tool for sharing Lessons Learned products as well as staffing Observations through the NATO Lessons Learned process. The NLLP is the result of a decade of work with the preliminary aim of growing and developing the NATO Lessons Learned Database ( LLDb). Following the inception of the NATO LLDb in 2002, there was an evolution in the Lessons Learned community in terms of awareness, growth, training of national user Lessons Learned organizations, and a desire by some staff officers in the NATO structure, NATO nations and Partner nations to access NATO Lessons and moreover, to share. The response to that evolution was the roll out of a prototype version of the Lessons Learned Portal at the end of 2010, which was the precursor to the new NLLP.

The NLLP is operational on both networks ( NATO Secret and NATO Unclassified) since the beginning of July 2013. Both are similar vessels with different content, since each version aims at different users. It is not only a matter of security classification; the NS NLLP is mainly a staffing and sharing tool for NATO staff officers, while the NU NLLP is used by a wider variety of users from NATO, NATO nations and Partner nations, as well as organizations.

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Allied Land Commander, Lieutenant-General Frederick Hodges, visit to the JALLC on 31 May 2013.

General Jean-Paul Paloméros visit The Allied Land Commander, in Izmir (Turkey), Lieutenant-General Frederick Ben Hodges, visited the Joint Analysis and Lessons Learned Centre in Lisbon, Portugal on Friday, 31 May 2013.

After an initial office call with JALLC Commander, Lieutenant-General Hodges was provided a tailored briefing on JALLC's Programme of Work and activities, ongoing Projects, internal structure and processes. The Allied Land Commander expressed particular interest in the JALLC activities and Projects related with NRFs and ISAF.

After this briefing, Lieutenant-General Hodges addressed to all JALLC women and men, providing a short tailored briefing on the Land Command mission and activities. To finish, Allied Land Commander expressed his appreciation for the visit and concluded by signing the JALLC "Book of Honour" .

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Vice admiral Christian Canova visits the Joint Analysis and lessons Learned Centre.

admiral Christian Canova visit On Monday, 27 May 2013, the Deputy Commander of the Maritime Command ( MARCOM) in Northwood (Great Britain), Vice-Admiral Christian Canova visited the JALLC.

For his first visit to the Centre, Vice-Admiral Canova was briefed upon the overall organisation, the current tasks of the JALLC and its future commitments especially during exercises through the EXTRA community and the new NATO Lessons Learned Portal.

He also introduced the MARCOM to a tailored Command Group highlighting the necessity for developing a robust Lessons Learned Process within MARCOM and fostering information sharing with other entities.

The visit ended with the traditional signature of the JALLC Book of Honour and exchange of gifts .

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A Delegation of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) visited the JALLC.

Delegation of the C3 Board visit On Friday, 24 May 2013, a Delegation of the ICRC visited JALLC. The purposes of this visit were to serve as a venue to better familiarize with JALLC organization and activities, to give feedback to JALLC on the "Thoughts On Transition" Food-For-Thought Paper, which is being developed, and to establish future areas and venues where JALLC/ ICRC collaboration may be of the benefit of both organizations.

After an Office Call with JALLC Commander, JALLC and ICRC provided briefings on their activities and processes and discussed a potential collaboration in the future.

The visit ended with ICRC members signing the JALLC Book of Honour .

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General Jean-Paul Paloméros visits the Joint Analysis and Lessons Learned Centre.

General Jean-Paul Paloméros visit On Friday, 17 May 2013, the Supreme Allied Commander Transformation ( SACT), General Jean-Paul Paloméros, visited the Joint Analysis and Lessons Learned Centre ( JALLC) in Lisbon, Portugal.

This was the first visit of General Paloméros to JALLC. The visit started with a Welcome Call by the JALLC Commander. During the office call, SACT took the opportunity to exchange views with JALLC Commander. After the office call, General Paloméros was provided a tailored Command Briefing on the Programme of Work, JALLC current activities and Projects, as well on the new responsibilities concerning the Base Support to all the NATO entities in Lisbon.

After this briefing, General Paloméros addressed the women and men of JALLC, congratulated everyone for all the achievements so far, but reinforcing the idea that NATO expects even more from JALLC in the future, in accordance with its recognized visibility and importance for NATO and the Nations. This speech was followed by a coffee break, giving General Paloméros the opportunity to talk with the JALLC members.

The visit finished with General Paloméros signing the JALLC Book of Honour .

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A Delegation of the C3 Board visited the JALLC.

Delegation of the C3 Board visit On Tuesday, 23 April 2013, a Delegation of C3 Board, leaded by Coronel François Leblanc, visited JALLC. The purpose of this visit was to become familiar with JALLC organization and activities.

The Delegation was welcomed by the Division Head Plans & Programming, Colonel Frédéric Curtaz, who provided a tailored short Command Briefing on JALLC organization, structure, Programme of Work and current activities and ongoing Projects.

The visit ended with the C3 Board members signing the JALLC Book of Honour .

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A Delegation of the NATO Joint Air Power Competence Centre (JAPCC) visit the JALLC.

The Japcc visit On Thursday, 4 April 2013, a Delegation of the NATO JAPCC, in Kalkar, Germany, leaded by Air Commodore Tom de Bok, JAPCC Assistant Director Transformation, visited JALLC. The purpose of this visit was to become familiar with JALLC Organization and activities.

After an Office call with JALLC Chief-Of-Staff, the JAPCC delegation was provided a tailored short Command Briefing on the JALLC organization, Programme of Work and current activities and ongoing Projects. It was also discussed the interaction with JALLC and JAPCC and the future NATO Lessons Learned Portal.

At the end of the visit, Air Commodore Bok expressed his thanks for the comprehensive program and the hospitality to the JALLC team and the visit ended with the correspondent signature in the JALLC Book of Honour .

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On 26 March 2013 the 8th German General/Admiral Staff Course from the Bundeswehr Command and Staff College located in Hamburg, Germany, visited the JALLC.

The German General/Admiral Staff Course from the Bundeswehr Command and Staff College visit The overall purpose of this visit was to gain a perspective on the influencing factors of the external security and defense policy in Portugal, the command organisation of the Portuguese Armed Forces and NATO’s transformation process. Taking advantage of this visit to Portugal the 11 students from Germany, France, Netherlands and Spain visited the JALLC to become familiar with the activities and organisation of the JALLC.

The course was welcomed by the Division Head Operations Division and JALLC German Senior National Representative, Colonel (GS) Karlheinz NICKEL. After a short introduction to the JALLC mission and structure, the students were presented with first hand information about recently finished and ongoing projects by the respective project managers. The students seized the opportunity to get information right down to the last detail.

At the end of the visit, the head of delegation Colonel (GS) KRAUSE, expressed his thanks for the comprehensive program and the hospitality to the JALLC team and he underlined the benefit for the students in understanding the important role of the JALLC in supporting NATO’s Lessons Learned process and providing joint analysis products to NATO decision makers.

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