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NATO Alternative Analysis Course

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Alternative Analysis (AltA) provides a vehicle for enriching understanding of the military problem space. AltA is designed to assist overcoming biases in social and cultural setting. As such, AltA offers the opportunity for NATO staff to inject additional knowledge, or knowledge perceived in a different way, into the decision making process.

Training AltA

The NATO Alternative Analysis Course takes place twice a year at the NATO SCHOOL Oberammergau, Germany and covers a wide range oftopics relating to AltA Components and the AltA Analysis Process. This one-week course is comprised of interactive plenary lectures, followed by brief, moderated Q&A sessions alternating with facilitated work in small syndicates. Case studies and scenarios are also considered to identify best practice and Lessons Identified.

The JALLC contributes to this course through the provision of an AltA Trainer (one of the JALLC's Operational Research Analysts) and provides JALLC-tailored AltA training on a regular basis to JALLC military and civilian analysts.

Course Purpose

To introduce the principles and practices of NATO AltA and train students to apply Alternative Analysis tools and techniques in support of decision-making and problem solving in order to fulfil the role of an AltA Facilitator.

Target Audience

Military officers (OF-2 through OF-5) or civilian equivalent who are assigned, or selected for assignment, to a position in a NATO/Partner Headquarters or Agency, a NATO/Partner subordinate military headquarters, unit or agency of any NATO country which fulfils responsibilities in support of NATO. Priority is given to NATO Command Structure Peacetime Establishment personnel selected to be AltA Facilitators.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the theory of and practice applying AltA Techniques;
  • Understand the AltA Principles;
  • Train to be and gain experience as an AltA Facilitator;
  • Understand the theory of and practice applying the AltA Process;
  • Become familiar with and contribute to the AltA Community of Interest.

Frequency and Application

For more Information on this course please visit the NATO SCHOOL Oberammergau course catalog and search for course code: P5-129

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