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The JALLC's 15th Anniversary

The JALLC 15th anniversary part 1

On 20 September 2017, NATO’s Joint Analysis and Lessons Learned Centre (JALLC) celebrated its 15th anniversary with staff and distinguished guests including Ambassadors of Allied Nations, Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (SACT), General Denis Mercier, and the President of Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.
The anniversary was marked by an official ceremony (broadcast live on the JALLC's facebook page) at the JALLC's headquarters on the Portuguese Air Force base in Monsanto, Lisbon where the JALLC's Commander, Brigadier General Mário Barreto, SACT, and the President addressed the audience.

The JALLC Commander noted in particular that, although the JALLC is technically a backward looking organization as it analyses lessons from the past, it continuously works with an eye on the future, directly and indirectly contributing to NATO's transformation though its analysis reports and through its work as custodian of the NATO Lessons Learned Portal, NATO's centralized hub for all things related to understanding how NATO can learn from its exercises and operations.

The JALLC 15th anniversary part 2

SACT noted that the JALLC's data collection and analysis capabilities are invaluable to the transformation of the Alliance and that the JALLC is expected to play a key role as NATO adapts for the future. He explained that translating lessons into usable data for the benefit of the whole Alliance, through the NATO Lessons Learned Portal, will be paramount to NATO's efforts to meet challenges now and in the future.

Finally, the President closed the speeches with an address that reminded the audience of the fact that Portugal was one of the founding Nations of NATO and is proud to be an Ally. He also noted that although times may have changed since its inception, NATO has changed with the times and remains as relevant as ever stating that although Portuguese Presidents and governments may come and go, Portugal’s commitment to NATO would remain the same.

Several members of the JALLC were presented with certificates recognizing their service to the JALLC over the past 5, 10, and 15 years, and two medals were awarded by the President to JALLC staff members for distinguished service. The formal ceremony ended with the President unveiling a plaque commemorating the JALLC's 15th anniversary in the headquarters lobby.

The JALLC 15th anniversary part 3

In conjunction with the anniversary the JALLC published a book celebrating, 15 Years of the JALLC explaining the organization’s mission and activites, as well as celebrating 15 years of achievements. A special edition of the JALLC's newsletter, The 2017 Explorer Special Edition, was also published, including both academic and personal articles written by JALLC staff members.

These special JALLC publications are also the first written products to display the JALLC's new shield which has been developed in conjunction with the 15th anniversary to better reflect the organization’s present role, activities, and place within the Alliance. You can read more about the new shield in the special edition of The 2017 Explorer Special Edition where the meaning behind the symbols on the shield is explained.

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Video Commemorating the JALLC's 15th Anniversary

During the month of September 2017, the JALLC will be celebrating its 15th Anniversary in a number of ways including a formal ceremony, a commemorative book looking back over the past 15 years of the JALLC and its achievements, and a special edition of the JALLC's newsletter, The Explorer, which will include articles from the JALLC's staff on a host of academic and personal topics. In addition to these activities, the JALLC, in coordination with its sister organization the Joint Warfare Centre, has produced a short video celebrating the 15 years of the JALLC. The video which is available here, explains to the audience what the JALLC does and how it is evolving to meet the challenges of the next 15 years.

The book, 15 years of the JALLC, and the special edition of The Explorer will be available online later this month.

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Medal Ceremony at the JALLC

The Medal Ceremony at the JALLC

On the 25th July 2017, the JALLC conducted a Medal Ceremony to award two of its staff members with the Portuguese Chief of Defense’s medal - Cruz de São Jorge.

The two officers - Colonel San Antonio Dimetrio (Spanish Army) and Lieutenant Colonel Emmanouil Touloupakis (Greek Army) - received their medals in recognition of their achievements at the JALLC and their contribution for the cooperation of JALLC with the Host Nation – Portugal.

The event had the presence of the Greek Ambassador to Portugal – H.E. Mrs. Ekaterini Simopoulou - and the Deputy Military Attaché from the Spanish Embassy – Lieutenant Colonel Guillermo Rodriguez.

Before the Medal Ceremony both Diplomatic delegations had an office Call with the Commander of the JALLC, where the outreach program of the JALLC was discussed regarding the engagement with both represented nations.

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The Portuguese Army Chief of Staff visited the JALLC

The Portuguese Army Chief of Staff at the JALLC

On 6 July 2017, the JALLC received a visit from the Portuguese Army Chief of Staff – General Rovisco Duarte. General Rovisco was accompanied by a decision-making delegation of the Portuguese Army which, after an office call with the JALLC Commander, was able to learn about the JALLC, its activities and the Lessons Learned process.

This was a very profitable working visit, with an exchange of information between the two organizations which provided the JALLC staff with details about the Portuguese Army´s own Lessons Learned activity and its compatibility with NATO standards.

The main product of this visit was the sharing of Lessons Learned information and experiences between the two organizations, and the dissemination of NATO´s standards, techniques and procedures not only in the JALLC Host Nation, but also among the wider Portuguese-speaking countries military organizations, for which the Portuguese Army has the lead in introducing a Lessons Learned culture.

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