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Featured News

JALLC received the visit of two Nordic countries’ Ambassadors

Ambassador of Sweden her Excellency Caroline Fleetwood and Finnish Ambassador Her Excellency Tarja Laitiainen

On 02 March 2017, the JALLC received the visit of two Nordic countries’ Ambassadors: the Ambassador of Sweden – her Excellency Caroline Fleetwood; and the Finnish Ambassador – Her Excellency Tarja Laitiainen. The two ambassadors had an Office Call with Commander JALLC, where they shared the latest political developments regarding their countries’ defence related concerns. This occurred on the very same day that Sweden re-established its compulsory military draft service.

The Office Call was followed by a briefing by Brigadier General Mario Barreto – Commander of the JALLC – where the two diplomats received a tailored explanation about the mission of the JALLC and its modus operandi. During the briefing several questions were answered by JALLC Commander, providing both ambassadors with situational awareness regarding the Transformation of the Alliance and the role of JALLC therein.

The two ambassadors departed with words of appreciation for the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the JALLC.

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JALLC has incorporated a PfP staff officer from Azerbaijan

The addition of the Azerbaijani flag to the Flag Hall at the JALLC

One of NATO’s most important focus areas is the cooperation with the Alliance’s Partner Nations. Currently, 22 non-NATO countries are part of the NATO Partnership for Peace (PfP) program.
In the spirit of partnership the JALLC has created specific positions in its staff structure to accommodate the contribution of a PfP officer. In the month of February 2017, the JALLC received an officer from the Republic of Azerbaijan, who will be joining the analytical capability of the Centre.

The addition of the Azerbaijani flag to the Flag Hall at the JALLC was a special occasion, attended by All Hands at the JALLC. With the inclusion of Azerbaijan, the JALLC now has staff members representing 17 NATO and non-NATO countries.

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In the spotlight

NATO Lessons Learned Conference 2016

Lessons Learned Conference 2016 report cover

On 29 and 30 November 2016 the JALLC hosted the annual NATO Lessons Learned Conference (NLLC) on behalf of Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (SACT). This event brings together participants from far and wide; from NATO and non-NATO nations; and from all types of organizations, to discuss a number of topics based around the conference theme and provides an opportunity to exchange knowledge, experience, and expertise within the Lessons Learned Community, enabling the continuous transformation of the Alliance, and build relationships.

NLLC 2016 factsheet cover

This year’s Conference was attended by 275 participants from 36 nations and focussed on the theme: The Future of Lessons Learned: Innovation and Improvement. The audience heard presentations and discussion on various topics relating to the Conference theme including on SACT’s key focus areas, innovative ideas for the future of Lessons Learned and how NATO Lessons Learned support can be improved. Highlights of the 2016 Conference include the opening video address from SACT, General Denis Mercier, updates from representatives from both Strategic Commands, and a closing address in person from Deputy SACT, Admiral Manfred Nielson.

Having the Lessons Learned Community come together at the Conference invigorated efforts to optimize the NATO Lessons Learned Process; in particular the role the JALLC will play in this respect and the future of the NATO Lessons Learned Portal. Find the NLLC 2016 Report below in this page.

To find out more about previous NATO Lessons Learned Conferences, the upcoming conference, and how to register for it as a participant, please visit the NATO Lessons Learned Portal conference page..

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Lessons Learned conference 2016 group picture

Featured News

Launch of NATO Force Structure Joint Task Force Headquarters Handbook

The Handbook being signed

On 29 November 2016, the Signing Ceremony for the NATO Force Structure (NFS) Joint Task Force (JTF) HQ Handbook took place at the 2016 NATO Lessons Learned Conference in Lisbon, Portugal.

The Handbook was signed by Brigadier General Mário Barreto, Commander of the JALLC, Captain Reneé van Pamelen-Hollenberg, Director NATO Command and Control Centre of Excellence (C2COE), and Lieutenant Colonel Jacek Ropejko, Branch Chief, Quality Assurance (Lessons Learned) of the Joint Warfare Centre (JWC). Lieutenant Colonel Ropejko was representing Major General Andrzej Reudowicz, Commander of the JWC. The Signing Ceremony marked the official launch of the Handbook.

The NFS JTF HQ Handbook is the result of a three-year cooperative effort between the JALLC, the JWC, and the C2COE. It combines observations, insights, and analysis from the TRIDENT JAGUAR series of NATO exercises, which took place in 2014, 2015, and 2016. The exercises aimed to test the readiness of NATO’s Graduated Readiness Forces (Land) to perform as JTF HQs, a role that was assigned to them as part of the framework for a new NATO Command Structure agreed at the Lisbon Summit in 2010. As the NATO transformational and operational communities developed the NFS JTF HQ concept, commanders, staff officers, subject matter experts, and analysts identified good practices and areas for further study and reflection.

Speaking at the Signing Ceremony, Brigadier General Barreto said: “It is a pleasure and an honour to sign this Handbook, which is an example of true teamwork between the JALLC, the JWC, and the C2COE. My best congratulations go to the authors and everyone else involved in its production.”

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Visit of the German Armed Forces Command and Staff College

German Armed Forces Command and Staff College visiting the JALLC

On 13 February 2017, a delegation of the German Armed Forces Command and Staff College (FüAk Bw) visited the JALLC. The delegation consisted of 12 students of the Joint General/Admiral Staff Officer Course (LGAN), the delegation head, Colonel (GS) Fritsch, and the course tutor Commander Hornung. and was accompanied by the German Defence Attaché in Portugal, Lieutenant Colonel (GS) Taube. All were welcomed at the JALLC by the German Senior National Representative in Portugal and JALLC Operations Division Head, Captain Velten of the German Navy.

Supported by Dr. Henrik Heidenkamp (Civilian Research Analyst at the JALLC) and Ms Tiffany Genest (Civilian Lessons Learned Analyst at the JALLC), Captain Velten familiarized the FüAk delegation with the German Military Representation in Portugal as well as the JALLC’s and NATO’s Naval Striking and Support Forces’ (STRIKFORNATO) missions, activities, and organizations. In particular the JALLC hosts explained the JALLC’s approach to Joint Analysis, its support to the exchange of Lessons Learned (LL), and the JALLC’s efforts to facilitate the development of LL Capabilities across NATO.

Every year 100 national and international students from the German Army, Airforce, Navy, the Central Medical Service, and Geoinformation Service join the two-year LGAN – the most demanding course of the FüAk Bw.

The visit concluded the FüAk delegation’s visit to Lisbon during which delegation members gained insights into factors influencing Portugal’s security and defence policy, the command organization of the Portuguese Armed Forces, and its process of transformation.

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Delegation from the University of Essex, Great Britain, visited the JALLC

University of Essex visiting the JALLC

On 26 January 2017, a delegation of three scholars from the University of Essex, Great Britain, visited the JALLC with the intent to increase JALLC staff awareness of cutting edge research on topics of NATO relevance and of current developments in research methods of relevance to the JALLC’s joint analysis activities. Prof. Kristian Gleditsch, one of the leading political science scholars on civil war, research director at the Essex Department of Government, and an associate with the Peace Research Institute Oslo/ Centre for the Study of Civil War led the visit together with Dr Tobias Böhmelt and Dr Daina Chiba, respectively reader and lecturer at Essex University, who have both published extensively in leading political science journals on conflict between and within states.

After having been briefed by Brigadier General Mário Barreto on the work done at the JALLC, the three scholars introduced and discussed their on-going research on civil war and its regional dimensions, the reliability of military alliance treaties, and the relationship between migration and terrorism to an audience of military and civilian JALLC analysts. The three Essex scholars continued their informative presentations by introducing recent advances in social network analysis and other analysis methods in the social sciences to the JALLC’s research and operational research analysts. The visit concluded with Professor Gleditsch signing the JALLC’s book of honour.

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Portuguese Navy Directorate of Archives and Information Management visit to the JALLC

Lieutenant Brigadier Raúl Botelho visiting the JALLC

On 18 January 2017, the Portuguese Navy Directorate of Archives and Information Management (Direção de Arquivos e Gestão de Informação (DAGI) visited the JALLC. The aim of the visit was to exchange experiences in the area of Information and Knowledge Management (IKM), data and documents lifecycle, and Process Management. The DAGI Director, CMG António Silva Monteiro and ten more Portuguese Navy Officers from different areas within the directorate were welcomed by Commander JALLC, Brigadier General Mário Barreto, who expressed his appreciation for this kind of initiative regarding information and expertise exchange.

The JALLC's Information Management and Communication Information Services (IM&CIS) Branch briefed the party on how NATO and the JALLC manages information and what tools are being used for this purpose; in particular the NATO Lessons Learned Portal (NLLP) and the NATO EXTRA Portal (NXP) were presented to the group. The briefing was followed by an open discussion on more detailed aspects of Information and Data Management.

Finally, Commander JALLC expressed the willingness to collaborate and share the JALLC's experience with the Portuguese Armed Forces as much as with any other NATO Nation. The visit ended with the traditional signing of the book of honour where the party expressed their satisfaction for this opportunity and plaques as a souvenir from the visit were exchanged.

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