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New Technologies Event 2018 Magazine

New Technologies Event 2018 Magazine cover

The JALLC has published a magazine covering the New Technologies Event 2018 which took place in October 2018.
The Magazine features articles on the various presentations which include Chief of Staff, Allied Command Transformation, Vice Admiral Bennet’s keynote speech and the JALLC Commander’s presentation on the NATO Lessons Learned Capability. The magazine also includes summaries of the presentations by the Industry and Academia Partners that were represented during the event and panel discussions that took place on the last day. You can also find an overview of the Booth Sessions and lots of information on the event itself, including how the JALLC introduced a conference web app for the first time.

You can download a copy of the magazine here and on the NATO Lessons Learned Portal.

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Latest News

Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, General André Lanata, makes first visit to JALLC

SACT makes first visit to JALLC

On 18 December 2018, Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (SACT), General André Lanata (French Air Force) paid the JALLC his first visit since his appointment earlier this year.

SACT’s flying visit was fortuitously timed as the JALLC wraps up a year of innovation and transformation in the field of Lessons Learned. During a briefing with the JALLC’s Command Group, SACT was brought up to speed on the JALLC’s activities, and in particular on its newly developed Engagement Concept. This concept encompasses all of the JALLC’s activities that focus on projecting the NATO Lessons Learned Capability into the Alliance and beyond, taking the JALLC’s subject matter expertise to Partner Nations and interested organizations. SACT was also briefed on the plans for the NATO Lessons Learned Portal, coming out of the highly successful New Technologies Event held in October this year. The plans will see further improvement and expansion of the Portal’s capabilities, increasing user-friendliness, efficiency and effectiveness based on real user needs. These improvements to the Lessons Learned Capability will full under the scope of Allied Command Transformation’s wider Emerging and Disruptive Technologies Roadmap which includes an enabling line of effort dedicated to Lessons Learned, highlighting the importance of this capability for the future of the Alliance.

The General was also briefed on the JALLC’s Analysis Concept which covers the two types of analysis conducted by the JALLC:

  • Joint Analysis, which focuses on understanding the root causes of NATO-wide complex problems and making recommendations for ways and means to resolve such problems; and
  • Active Portal Content Management (APCM), which focuses on understanding the wider implications of the data in the NLLP in terms of trend analysis and other relevant statistical analysis.

SACT then took the opportunity to address the JALLC’s staff noting that, at the end of these first three months of his tenure, he now is beginning to get a better understanding of Allied Command Transformation’s activities and the way ahead. In that context he highlighted his priorities for the strategic command one of which is innovation and how it is more important than ever to ensure that the Alliance remains relevant in this high-speed world we live in. He also underlined the importance of Lessons Learned to the Alliance and how it is underpins all the other activities as the first place to go before starting anything new.

The General left the JALLC with a better understanding of its activities, its achievements, and its plans as well as how the JALLC fits into the bigger ACT and NATO picture. He finally wished everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year.

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The JALLC Joint Advisory and Training Team trained officers of the Jordan Armed Forces

The JALLC Joint Advisory and Training Team trained officers of the Jordan Armed Forces

The JALLC Joint Advisory and Training Team deployed to Jordan, one of the seven members of the NATO's Mediterranean Dialogue, to provide NATO Lessons Learned training  to the Jordan Armed Forces (JAF) from 22 to 26 October, at the Joint Centre for Strategic Studies and Lessons Learned (JCSSLL). The JCSSLL was created in 2010 to provide strategic studies on the regional security environment and to build a national LL capability, aligned with the one in NATO.

The training objectives included providing support to the improvement of the Jordanian Lessons Learned (LL) capability and to the enhancement of its interoperability with the NATO LL Process. In total, 18 officers of various services from the JAF attended the course.

The topics delivered included an introduction to NATO's and JALLC's Organization and Mission, the NATO LL Capability, and the definition and practice of the Observation, Discussion, Conclusion, Recommendation (ODCR) format. Additionally, the training also covered an Introduction to Analysis and Analysis Techniques, the NATO Lessons Learned Portal and Communities of Interest, and NATO Lessons Learned in exercises and operations.

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The Hybrid war decade: Lessons Learned to Move Forward Successfully

BGen António Nascimento, COL Laszlo Toth and LTC Paulo Dias at the conference

The International Conference on the topic “The Hybrid War Decade: Lessons Learned to Move Forward Successfully” took place, from 07 to 08 November 2018. The conference participants analysed the first decade of hybrid war, the lessons learned and came up with recommendations for an effective way ahead.
The JALLC Commander, BGen António Nascimento, COL Laszlo Toth and LTC Paulo Dias attended the conference on behalf of NATO's Allied Command Transformation, which was held by the NATO-Ukraine Platform on Countering Hybrid Warfare and saw government officials from the Ukraine and other nations taking part in the discussions.

Discussions on conference related themes included the political, military, informational dimensions of hybrid warfare, cyber threats, and activities of special services.
Videos of the conference are available in YouTube, at:

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Chairman of the Military Committee, Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach visited the JALLC

Chairman of the Military Committee, Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach visiting the JALLC

On 02 November 2018, Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach, Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, visited the JALLC in order to gain a better understanding of the role the JALLC plays within NATO, the NATO Lessons Learned Process and the JALLC's contribution to the Alliance’s objectives.
The visit started with an Office Call with Brigadier General António Nascimento – the Commander of the JALLC – followed by a briefing, during which the JALLC explained its Engagement and its Analysis Concept, how the JALLC conducts its activities, and its contribution to the transformation of the Alliance.

Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach departed highlighting the NATO's need to consistently learn from missions, operations, training, exercises, and activities in order to identify improvements that allow NATO to continuously transform and modernize processes, forces, and capabilities.

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Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Qatar military learn about the NATO Lessons Learned capability

JATT LL Training at the CIMIC COE Workshop

The JALLC Advisory and Training Team (JATT) provided a three-day Lessons Learned (LL) training course from 30 September to 05 October 2018 at the NATO- Istanbul Cooperation Initiative (ICI) Regional Centre in Kuwait city.
20 officers, from various services attended the course. The course’s main objective was to create awareness and provide an overview of the NATO LL capability. Among the participating officers were those from the armed forces of Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Qatar.

The NATO-ICI Regional Centre was inaugurated by NATO Permanent Representatives and Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg together with His Highness the Prime Minister of Kuwait, Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah, on 23 January 2017. The NATO-ICI Regional Centre’s objective is to improve the common understanding of security challenges by creating a level of interoperability and standardization that enables closer cooperation between NATO and its partners in the region.

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JATT LL Training at the CIMIC COE Workshop “Analysis makes the Difference”

JATT LL Training at the CIMIC COE Workshop

As part of NATO’s Lessons Learned Engagement Plan for 2018, the JALLC participated in the Workshop “Analysis Makes the Difference” organized and hosted by the Civil-Military Centre of Excellence (CCOE) from 16-18 October 2018 in The Hague, the Netherlands.

The aim of the workshop was to strengthen the cooperation between the military and civilian spheres by enhancing mutual trust and confidence between NATO, its partners, and other international actors. One of the workshop’s syndicates focused on Lessons Learned and comprised a three-day training course, delivered by the JALLC Advisory and Training Team (JATT).

The goal of the training was to enhance the participants’ awareness of the NATO Lessons Learned Process and Tools and to explain the importance of information sharing with the aim of fostering cooperation and to improving the CIMIC activities.

Throughout the training, 17 participants from both military and civilian institutions, as well as Academia, got acquainted with the NATO Lessons Learned Capability and Process, and had a chance to familiarize themselves with basic analysis techniques applied to Lessons Learned scenarios.

The event was a valuable opportunity to strengthen and enlarge the LL community and network within NATO and with some of the players that cooperate with it in the CIMIC environment.

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