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Medal Ceremony at the JALLC

The Medal Ceremony at the JALLC

On the 25th July 2017, the JALLC conducted a Medal Ceremony to award two of its staff members with the Portuguese Chief of Defense’s medal - Cruz de São Jorge.

The two officers - Colonel San Antonio Dimetrio (Spanish Army) and Lieutenant Colonel Emmanouil Touloupakis (Greek Army) - received their medals in recognition of their achievements at the JALLC and their contribution for the cooperation of JALLC with the Host Nation – Portugal.

The event had the presence of the Greek Ambassador to Portugal – H.E. Mrs. Ekaterini Simopoulou - and the Deputy Military Attaché from the Spanish Embassy – Lieutenant Colonel Guillermo Rodriguez.

Before the Medal Ceremony both Diplomatic delegations had an office Call with the Commander of the JALLC, where the outreach program of the JALLC was discussed regarding the engagement with both represented nations.

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The Portuguese Army Chief of Staff visited the JALLC

The Portuguese Army Chief of Staff at the JALLC

On 6 July 2017, the JALLC received a visit from the Portuguese Army Chief of Staff – General Rovisco Duarte. General Rovisco was accompanied by a decision-making delegation of the Portuguese Army which, after an office call with the JALLC Commander, was able to learn about the JALLC, its activities and the Lessons Learned process.

This was a very profitable working visit, with an exchange of information between the two organizations which provided the JALLC staff with details about the Portuguese Army´s own Lessons Learned activity and its compatibility with NATO standards.

The main product of this visit was the sharing of Lessons Learned information and experiences between the two organizations, and the dissemination of NATO´s standards, techniques and procedures not only in the JALLC Host Nation, but also among the wider Portuguese-speaking countries military organizations, for which the Portuguese Army has the lead in introducing a Lessons Learned culture.

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Royal United Services Institute lecture at the JALLC

Royal United Services Institute lecture at the JALLC

On 29 June 2017, Professor Trevor Taylor of the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) made a presentation at the JALLC about “Best Practice in Defence Analysis and Policy Advice” with reference to his research of lessons from the collaborative procurement of the A400M transport aircraft in the UK. The event was attended by a wide range of JALLC members and also invited participants from the Portuguese defence community

There were a number of key points from Professor Taylor’s lecture:

  • every project is unique, so be careful about the grounds for transferring lessons from one to another;
  • lessons are subjective, so be transparent about the methodology used and ensure a strong evidence-base from which to derive them;
  • context matters, so acknowledge historical, political, commercial, organizational, and behavioural aspects when identifying lessons; and
  • subject matter expertise and analysis skills are imperative to effectively engage stakeholders, successfully identify relevant lessons and promote remedial actions.

Professor Taylor concluded his lecture with reminders that Lessons Learned exercises are inherently research projects and of the need to be persuasive, when there is a perceived need for learning and subsequent change.

The lecture forms part of the RUSIJALLC partnership framework, which aims to provide the JALLC with the latest cutting-edge RUSI defence research and analysis findings and best practice in contemporary strategic level topics.

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2017 Edition 1

the JALLC Explorer 2017 Edition I

This edition of the Explorer takes a closer look at some of the important work the JALLC and its partners have been engaged in over the last few months. A key achievement has been the successful 2016 NATO Lessons Learned Conference (NLLC), which took place here in Lisbon on 29 and 30 November 2016. Elsewhere, this edition highlights a number of new Joint Analysis products recently published by the JALLC. One of these is the “NATO Force Structure Joint Task Force Headquarters Handbook,”.

One of our main challenges for 2017 will be our contribution to the NATO Lessons Learned Optimization Action Plan which aims to improve NATO's Lessons Learned Process, making it more efficient and effective. In this respect, a key focus area for the JALLC will be to ensure that the NATO Lessons Learned Portal becomes NATO's single Lessons management tool.

The next edition of the Explorer will be release during the month of September, commemorating the 15th Anniversary of the JALLC, and it will include a wide range of articles produced by the JALLC staff members

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Supreme Allied Commander Transformation visited the JALLC

General Denis Mercier (SACT) visiting JALLC

On 20 June 2017, the JALLC received the visit of General Denis Mercier, the Supreme Commander for Transformation (SACT), who shared with the JALLC staff his vision of the future for the Centre. During this full-day working visit, General Mercier received information about the JALLC's present activities and provided his vision of how he sees the JALLC operating in the future as NATO's lead agent for Lessons Learned.

SACT addressed the JALLC staff members, and expressed his satisfaction with the high quality of the work of the Centre, both in its reports and elsewhere. He stressed that it will be essential to have an entity with a focus on Lessons Learned to support the NATO command structure, and that that should be the role of the JALLC. The JALLC's work needs to be dedicated largely to lessons, particularly their implementation. The Nations need to be brought more into the Lessons Learned process and the NATO Lessons Learned Portal that the JALLC manages needs to be used more efficiently.

“We must transform the Centre, to emphasis the focus on Lessons Learned”.

At the end of his visit, General Denis Mercier was interviewed by a Portuguese TV channel (SIC), and explained how the Allied Command Transformation is helping to tailor the way in which NATO will operate in the future

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