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Supreme Allied Commander Transformation visited the JALLC

General Denis Mercier (SACT) visiting JALLC

On 20 June 2017, the JALLC received the visit of General Denis Mercier, the Supreme Commander for Transformation (SACT), who shared with the JALLC staff his vision of the future for the Centre. During this full-day working visit, General Mercier received information about the JALLC's present activities and provided his vision of how he sees the JALLC operating in the future as NATO's lead agent for Lessons Learned.

SACT addressed the JALLC staff members, and expressed his satisfaction with the high quality of the work of the Centre, both in its reports and elsewhere. He stressed that it will be essential to have an entity with a focus on Lessons Learned to support the NATO command structure, and that that should be the role of the JALLC. The JALLC's work needs to be dedicated largely to lessons, particularly their implementation. The Nations need to be brought more into the Lessons Learned process and the NATO Lessons Learned Portal that the JALLC manages needs to be used more efficiently.

“We must transform the Centre, to emphasis the focus on Lessons Learned”.

At the end of his visit, General Denis Mercier was interviewed by a Portuguese TV channel (SIC), and explained how the Allied Command Transformation is helping to tailor the way in which NATO will operate in the future

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Naval Striking and Support Forces’ (STRIKFORNATO) Chief of Staff visits the JALLC

placing the flag of Montenegro to stand alongside with all the other NATO Nations

On 07June 2017 the JALLC received the visit of the Chief of Staff for the NATO Naval Striking and Support Forces (STRIKFORNATO) – Brigadier General Karsten Heckl (USA Marine Corps). Brigadier General Heckl had an office call with the JALLC Commander – Brigadier General Mário Barreto, and discussed, among other subjects, the relationship between JALLC and STRIKFORNATO.

This was a very profitable meeting, between two NATO organizations which have their headquarters located in Portugal.

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Montenegro as the twenty-ninth member Nation of NATO

placing the flag of Montenegro to stand alongside with all the other NATO Nations

On the afternoon of 07June 2017, the JALLC staff members gathered at the same time as in all major headquarters in the NATO Command Structure to recognize the accession of Montenegro as the twenty-ninth member Nation of NATO.
The Commander/We placed the flag of Montenegro to stand proudly alongside the standards of all the other NATO Nations.

This event represented the culmination of many years of effort on the part of Montenegro to become a full NATO member. Montenegro’s accession demonstrates our common goal of a more peaceful and prosperous Europe, increasing peace, security, and stability throughout the Euro-Atlantic area.

The JALLC congratulates Montenegro on its accession toNATOand welcomes it into the Alliance.

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JALLC staff member art exhibition at the Portuguese MoD

placing the flag of Montenegro to stand alongside with all the other NATO Nations

The staff of the JALLC have many talents and enjoy taking part in and contributing to the cultural life of Lisbon and Portugal. On 30 May, an exhibition of the work of one of our team opened at the Ministry of National Defence in Lisbon. It contains photographs by LTC Jacek Ulinski (Polish Army) and paintings by his wife Kasia Wrona.

The exhibition was opened at a ceremony hosted by the Secretary General of the Ministry of National Defence Sr Gustavo André Esteves Alves Madeira. The ceremony was attended by the Polish Ambassador in Portugal HE Jacek Junosza Kisielewski, the Commander of the JALLC Brigadier-General Mário A. V. Salvação Barreto, JALLC representatives, artists, members of the Portuguese Ministry of Defence, art lovers and invited guests.

The exhibition focuses on the world of nature, with over 40 close-up photographs of flowers and insects in varied forms and shapes and large paintings inspired by the elements of Earth. It is entitled “The light of Portugal” and depicts the artists’ love of playing with the unique Portuguese light, and capturing the minute details of its ever-changing nature.

The exhibition continues until mid-June and everyone is very welcome to go along to see it.

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University of Ludwigsburg, Germany, visited the JALLC

University of Ludwigsburg, Germany, visiting  JALLC

On 01 June 2017, a group of 20 trainees from the Public Administration University of Ludwigsburg, Germany, visited the JALLC. This group of future public administration officials—all junior lawyers—was visiting Portugal on a judicial study trip. Being aware that the JALLC represents the NATO footprint in Portugal they did not miss the chance to request a visit, in order to understand better the way that NATO undertakes Joint Analysis of complex problems.

“This was a very educational visit. We’ve not only learned about the type of products the JALLC does, but we also received a refresher on the North Atlantic Alliance from people that are actually working on it.” – said one of the visitors.

After their graduation, the group members will be employed in the highest ranks of public administration in Germany.

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