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JALLC published the March edition of its newsletter, The Explorer.

JALLC Explorer 2018 edition 1

This week the JALLC published the March edition of its newsletter, The Explorer. This is the first edition to be published in 2018 and it features specials on the JALLC's 15th Anniversary celebrations, the upcoming NATO Lessons Learned Conference and all the latest news on the JALLC's projects and events. This edition of the Explorer is the first to feature the full new look which was introduced in the Christmas Special Edition. You can find out more about the new look, the rebranding and reorganization of the JALLC's activities in an article on how communication is key to mission success.

download here the Explorer 2018 Edition 1

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Latest News

Supreme Allied Commander Transformation presents commendations to JALLC staff members

Mr. Stefan Olaru and Dr Henrik Heidenkamp being presented with a Certificate of Commendation for meritorious service to NATO by SACT

On 27 February 2018 Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (SACT), General Denis Mercier (French Air Force), presented two JALLC staff members with Certificates of Commendation. The commendations were awarded during a ceremony with all of the JALLC's staff present, including the JALLC's Commander, Brigadier General Mario Barreto, and Chief of Staff, Colonel Henrique Santos, who congratulated the gentlemen on their commendations.

Mr. Stefan Olaru (Civilian Analyst from Romania) and Dr Henrik Heidenkamp (Civilian Analyst from Germany) were presented with a Certificate of Commendation for meritorious service to NATO by SACT. Both gentlemen were praised for their contribution to the mission success of the JALLC including their activities relating to the production of high quality JALLC Analysis Reports. Mr Olaru distinguished himself through his, “…superior performance with exceptional knowledge, technical acumen, and perseverance in an extremely demanding assignment.” Dr Heidenkamp, was recognized for his “….high-level analysis [conducted] in a truly outstanding manner covering a broad variety of complex themes as well as contributed to the JALLC activities by his outstanding analytical and strategic thinking delivering tangible outcomes.”

The Ceremony was held during SACT's visit to Portugal in connection with the visit of NATO's Military Committee to ACT which took place earlier that week and was hosted by the JALLC at its facilities in Lisbon and the facilities in Oeirias.

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NATO Military Committee visit Allied Command Transformation in Portugal

MC in Portugal

At the invitation of Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (SACT), General Denis Mercier, the Military Committee (MC) held their annual meeting with Allied Command Transformation (ACT), but this year SACT chose to invite the MC to visit the Joint Analysis and Lessons Learned Centre (JALLC) in Lisbon, Portugal. The meeting was held at both the JALLC's facilities in Lisbon and the facilities of Naval Striking and Support Forces NATO (STRIKFORNATO) Headquarters on the Reduto Gomes Freire base in Oeiras which afforded the MC the opportunity to meet with representatives from both organizations and see the site for the NATO Information and Communications Academy, which is currently being built there.

After receiving full military honours, General Petr Pavel, the Chairman of the MC (CMC) and the Military Committee received warm welcomes from Chief of Staff HQ SACT, Air Marshal Graham Stacey and the Commander of JALLC, Brigadier General Mario Barreto, before embarking on their two-day formal meeting session which began with a briefing on the JALLC and how it has been refocusing its activities to better support NATO's Lessons Learned Process as part of the NATO Lessons Learned Optimization Plan.

The focus of the Military Committee’s two-day meeting was adaptation and innovation, as part of the continuous effort to ensure the Alliance addresses both current challenges and tasks as well as keeps pace with technological and operational changes.

In order to gain deeper understanding and awareness, the Military Representatives received subject matter expert briefings from senior military and civilian officials from ACT, NATO Headquarters Consultation, Command and Control Staff (NHQC3S), NATO Communication and Information (NCI) Agency, NATO Maritime Command (MARCOM) and STRIKFORNATO. Topics of discussion included NATO Command Structure adaptation, long term military strategic considerations, Cyberspace, emergence of disruptive technologies, and Maritime domain. The visit will also assist ongoing work for the 2018 Summit in Brussels.

At the joint press conference with General Mercier, General Pavel stressed: “The Military Committee’s visit to ACT in Portugal is very timely, as our discussions will be reflected in products for the July NATO Summit and beyond. NATO must be prepared as much for the now as for the future. With an ever changing and complex international security environment affecting strategic assumptions, it is essential that we operate and adapt at the same time”.

SACT noted that, bringing the MC to Portugal was important to highlight the way in which the JALLC has worked to very quickly refocus their activities to meet the needs of the Nations in terms of NATO's Lessons Learned Process and that the JALLC and Portugal remain important to ACT and the Alliance as a whole.

In conjunction with the MC visit, General Mercier and General Pavel also met with the Portuguese Minister of Defence, H. E. Mr. Jose Alberto de Azeredo Lopes and the Portuguese Chief of Defence, General Artur Pina Monteiro.

Video of the visit of the NATO Military Committee to Allied Command Transformation in Portugal

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The NATO Lessons Learned Portal

The NATO Lessons Learned Portal is the Alliance’s centralized hub for all things related to Lessons learned. It is managed and maintained by the JALLC, acting as NATO's leading agent for Lessons Learned.
Observations and Best Practices that may lead to Lessons to be Learned can be submitted to the Portal, and the JALLC will ensure that these Observations find their way through the NATO Lessons Learned Process.
The information shared on the NATO Lessons Learned Portal can help saving lives.

The little piece of information you have, may be the fragment missing to understand the bigger problem/solution – make sure you share it.

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