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Assumption of Command Ceremony at NATO's Joint Analysis and Lessons Learned Centre

assumption of command at jallc

On the 19th of August 2016, Portuguese Air Force Brigadier-General Mário Barreto assumed command of the JALLC during a formal ceremony over which Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (DSACT), Admiral Manfred Nielson (German Navy), presided.
Admiral Nielson, had flown in from Virginia (United States) to Portugal, especially for the ceremony. The Portuguese Chief of Defence, General Pina Monteiro, was also present at the ceremony together with diplomatic representatives from nine different NATO Nations and several high-ranking military officers from all three services - Navy, Army and Air Force - of the Host Nation, Portugal.

This is the first time that a Portuguese General Officer has taken command of the JALLC, NATO's Lead Agent for Joint Analysis. Brigadier-General Barreto will command the JALLC for the next three years.

The Brigadier-General Mário Barreto Assumption of Command speech.

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Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Transformation visits the JALLC


On 21 July 2016, the Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, Admiral Manfred Nielson (German Navy) honoured the JALLC with a visit. Admiral Nielson was recently appointed to his post at ACT in April 2016 and took time out of his busy schedule to gain a more in depth understanding of the JALLC. DSACT was briefed by the command group and key staff on the JALLC’s ’s mission, tasks, and activities after which he took the time to present his vision for the future of the JALLC and its position in Allied Command Transformation (ACT).

In his talk with JALLC staff he stated that although the JALLC’s activities are perhaps not a daily focus for HQ Supreme Allied Commander Transformation staff, he recognized the critical role the JALLC plays in developing and improving NATO capabilities and as such highlighted key areas of importance for the JALLC-ACT relationship going forwards including improved prioritization, direction and guidance with regard to the JALLC’s tasked Joint Analysis tasks.

The audience asked DSACT to give his perspective on Supreme Allied Commander Transformation’s (SACT) own key focus areas (Command and Control, Logistics and Sustainment, Training, Partnerships, Manpower, and Capabilities) as stated during a visit by SACT in November last year. Admiral Nielson responded by explaining that he saw the key focus areas as a, Commander’s Intent and that these key focus areas would be expanded upon in due course this year. In this respect DSACT highlighted a couple of the key focus areas including with regard to Logistics and Sustainment; he mentioned the thinking surrounding how the military (in general) will be able to sustain their logistics requirements in the long term and whether industry might have a greater role to play in certain aspects of providing this capability and possible other capabilities in the future.

The visit ended with DSACT thanking the JALLC for its work and contribution to the transformation of the Alliance.

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The Commander JALLC

Aug 2016

The Brigadier-General Salvação Barreto

Brigadier-General (BGEN) Mário Salvação Barreto was born in Lisbon, Portugal in 1963. He joined the Portuguese Air Force Academy in 1982 where he completed a degree in Aeronautical Military Sciences and became a military pilot in the Undergraduate Pilot Training Course in Vance AFB, Oklahoma, USA in 1988.

He qualified as a fighter pilot in 1989 and subsequently acquired extensive experience flying in combat squadrons both as an operational commander and as an Intelligence/Electronic Warfare officer. He has flown more than 2300 hours, the vast majority in the A-7P Corsair II and F-16A/B Fighting Falcon, both in offensive and defensive air operations, including maritime environment and combat missions in the Balkans during Exercise DETERMINED FALCON, and Operation ALLIED FORCE. Since 1998, he has commanded several overseas Portuguese Air Force detachments in conflict scenarios, such as the Portuguese F-16 Detachment, in Aviano, Italy, during Operation ALLIED FORCE, and the Detached Commander for the Portuguese-Belgian C-130 deployment in Kabul Airport KAIA for the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) mission in Afghanistan.

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LL Conference 2016

NATO Lessons Learned Conference 2016

NATO Lessons Learned conference 2016

"The Future of Lessons Learned: Improvement and Innovation" The 13th NATO Lessons Learned Conference will be held from 29 to 30 November 2016 at the Portuguese Military Academy, Amadora, Portugal.
Mark your calendars.

The aim of this Conference is to assess how NATO’s Lessons Learned Capability supports the Alliance’s ability for improvement and innovation.

The Calling Letter, Administrative Details and Preliminary Agenda are posted on the NATO Lessons Learned Portal conference page!

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JALLC Publishes new look online magazine: The Explorer

The Explorer - new look online magazine

The JALLC recently published the latest edition of its online magazine, The Explorer. This new look magazine will contain articles on: projects the JALLC has completed and is working on; interesting events that have taken place at the JALLC; the latest joint analysis techniques being applied by our analysts; and updates from the Lessons Learned Community. Each edition will include a feature article and interviews with JALLC members and/or members of the Lessons Learned community in general.

In this edition, we feature the NATO Lessons Learned Conference; looking back at the 2015 conference and forward to the 2016 conference which takes place on 29 and 30 November this year. We also discuss the revision to the JALLC’s project management approach which looks set to guarantee even more efficient and effective joint analysis projects, and a new cooperation with the Royal United Services Institute for Defence (RUSI) ensuring the JALLC remains at the centre of thinking in terms of global defence and security.

We hope our readers enjoy this edition and the new look magazine. The next edition is due out at the end of September and will feature interviews with the JALLC’s new Commander and Chief of Staff.

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JALLC celebrates successful NATO EXTRA Portal: over 500 000 hits!

NATO EXTRA Portal: over 500 000 hits!

The NATO Exercise Training, Reporting and Analysis (EXTRA) Portal recently passed a landmark 500 000th website hit; a truly notable achievement for the Alliance’s single centralized exercise and training-related information sharing platform. Developed throughout 2014 by the JALLC, the NATO EXTRA Portal was launched just 18 months ago in January 2015 with the aim of making the job of NATO exercise planners and all those involved in exercises, training, reporting and analysis much easier by providing immediate and easy access to all exercise and training-related information such as NATO Exercise Lessons Identified Action Lists (LIAL), Final Exercise Reports (FER), First Impression Reports (FIR), Exercise Specifications (EXSPEC) and Exercise Plans (EXPLAN) as well as all essential exercise planning directives and documentation.

The NATO EXTRA Portal also has a number of useful additional features such as links to other HQ web-sites, an on-line forum for the NATO EXTRA Community of Interest, and Lesson Learned Staff Officer contact lists for NATO Command Structure and NATO Force Structure Commands, HQs, Centres and other entities.

In May 2016, the NATO EXTRA Portal became an important feature of the newly established NATO Exercise Reporting and Handling of Lessons process, when it was adopted for use as the single central location for the upload and management of all NATO Exercise LIALs. Used to its full potential, the NATO EXTRA Portal will undoubtedly play a key role in the improvement of future NATO exercises and training events and contribute significantly to Alliance transformation. The NATO EXTRA Portal currently contains web-pages for 16 active and 13 archived exercises.

In the summer of 2016, ownership and management of the NATO EXTRA Portal will transition from the JALLC to Joint Force Trainer in HQ Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, who will take the lead in ensuring the Portal’s true potential is maximised in the future.

Would you like to read more about the NATO EXTRA Portal? A full JALLC Report detailing the development and testing of the EXTRA Portal as well as an EXTRA Portal User Manual can be found in the NATO Lessons Learned Portal on the NS WAN. Or to read the unclassified NATO EXTRA Portal brochure.

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Director of the Operations and Planning Division of NATO's International Military Staff visits the JALLC


On 18 July 2016, Major General Tim Bevis, UK Royal Marines, Director of the Operations and Planning Division of the International Military Staff (IMS) visited the JALLC. During his visit, Major General Bevis was briefed by the JALLC's command group and certain key members of staff on the JALLC's mission, tasks, and activities. The Major General also had the opportunity to exchange ideas with some of the JALLC's civilian and military analysts and learned about the status of several ongoing joint analysis projects. Special emphasis was placed on a recent study the JALLC conducted regarding NATO Crisis Management Exercise 2016; an exercise of particular interest for the IMS.

Major General Bevis was also briefed on theJALLC's activities with regard to NATO's Lessons Learned process and procedures, the JALLC's outreach engagement team, and the two online Lessons Learned platforms the JALLC is responsible for managing and maintaining: the NATO Lessons Learned Portal and the NATO Exercise Training and Analysis (EXTRA) Portal. Major General Bevis in particular praised the success of the NATO EXTRA Portal , which recently reached a landmark 500 000 hits since its launch in January 2015.

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